Thursday, June 16, 2005

Houston.....We have a ...Baby!

Well, the blessed event has finally happened and baby Mitch is here! She is cute as can be, has her daddy's nose and very long, skinny feet. I am not sure where she gets those from, well, her dad probably gave her those, too!

The vital statistics! Michelle Elizabeth, 7.5 pounds (7 pounds 8 ounces, for traditionalists!),
20.25 inches (20 1/4 inches!), for those that remember the meaning Apgar: 8/9.
Hair, hard to say, just rubbed dry and so not fresh washed or anything! Looked light brown, slightly blondish to me, the nurse said reddish. Time will tell on that. Eyes indeterminate at this time, as is standard! Time of birth--3.23 a.m. 16 June.

She missed payday, but Jo guessed the date right on, and was pretty close on the time even! It wasn't widely publicized, but Christine had invited people to guess through her Pampered Chef things, I would imagine she will consider your entry Jo!!!!! I will see about the photos!

Christine had a pretty easy labor, with an epidural to block the pain and pitocin to keep things moving. Her water broke yesterday afternoon, and her contractions had slowed down. She decided an epidural might be a good thing, so they got that going before starting the pitocin (which can cause especially painful contractions). Brian had gone home earlier on to let Pudgy out to potty, and after they got the epidural and pitocin going, went again, as it was after 9 p.m. by that time, I think? My brain is still a bit fuzzy from lack of sleep! He got back in plenty of time for the birth! Christine got in a good bit of sleep while he was gone, which she sure needed too. I held down the fort, catching a cat nap when I could.

Christine did start running a fever, which could or might not mean a little infection somewhere, and which possibly could effect the baby, but not necessarily so. Anyway, just to be safe, gave Christine more antibiotics, and arranged to put Mitch in the neo-natal intensive care so they could keep a close watch on her. They don't have a regular nursery here at the Landstuhl hospital, babies stay with mom. They don't expect any problems with Mitch, just want to be sure that if anything does come up, they spot it immediately and deal with it. We are glad, of course, that if anything, they are erring on the side of caution.

Brian got to go see Mitch about an hour after she was born, and was settled in at the nicu. I am allowed to go in with either of them, so Brian took me in after he got done! She is cute as can be and was so good! They have her nice and warm, and she was mostly awake when I was there. We were allowed to touch her, but not pick her up. She mostly just looked around a lot and napped a bit now and then! Christine was going to be allowed to go see her soon. She had things she had to be able to do before they would let her go!

Brian and I were both about dead on our feet, so left and headed home. We got in at 6.30 a.m. and Brian went right to bed. He finally got up just a bit ago. We are both pretty well exhausted still and our internal clocks are way off. Brian talked to Christine just a little while ago, she is doing fine and I think she is a lot more awake than we are, after the nice naps while in labor! That was one of the best things about the epidural for her, she was able to get rested up and have more energy for the pushing.

Well, I had best go, we will get ready and head for the hospital before long. Take care and more soon!


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