Friday, June 10, 2005

A day late and a dollar short

Hi All,
Anne pointed out that my paragraphs didn't show, so I hope this makes it better? Thank you, Anne! I did try indenting, but found when looking at the preview that the program takes the indents out.

Well, we all slept most of the night, although Christine was up several times during the night for the bathroom. The eternal preggie mom problem. I know she will be happy to have an end to that, although it will soon be a case of getting up to feed baby, but that is different, right?

We had a slow morning and Christine making silver dollar pancakes. They were very good! We eventually got out of the house. Stopped at Sembach to check mail and then on to Vogelweh--which I have misspelled before--sorry! We stopped at the furniture store on base, to look at bookcases that were to be on sale. Christine decided against them, as they had to be picked up somewhere else. They do have some very nice things at the store there. They have some lovely Italian inlayed wood tea/drinks carts. I have to admit I was tempted. We went on to the BX, where I found just how pitiful a selection of paperback books they have. I did notice that at the BX's, they seem to have more and a better selection of hardcover than they do paperback. They have one small section of mysteries. I guess it is all a case of what sells, and it must not be many mysteries? However, I am almost done with the second book I brought with me, even though the only reading I have done was on the plane and has been at night right before going to bed. Oh well! I found one book at Vogelweh, and then we decided to go on to Ramstein. They have a much bigger selection and a huge (relatively) book selection, but still not many mysteries. I did find two more books to get, so I should be okay and still have something to read on the way home. Since my flight back is all during the day, I will sure need plenty to read! We also picked up a copy of Stars and Stripes. It was the first paper I have seen since I have been here!

We got home at a reasonable time this afternoon, and did some email, etc. Christine hasn't been feeling well today, having a headache (that started yesterday) and feeling quite nauseated. I wondered if it was a sign of things to come? It seems not, however. She could not get rid of the headache, even doing the tylenol and rest as recommended at the hospitals. She finally called in and they said she could come and get checked if she would like. She also hadn't been noticing Baby moving much, but we did figure that she is just big enough and cramped enough (Baby, that is!) that she couldn't make big enough movements for Christine to notice. That idea has been pretty well confirmed, she is moving. We headed off for Landstuhl and got put into a labor/delivery room. They got her hooked up to a monitor, which shows and graphs baby's heart rate, intensity of contractions, and baby movement. Baby is still doing plenty of moving, even though Christine can't feel most of it. She did have some contractions, some fairly good in intensity, but they were about 10 minutes apart, so way too far to be staying there. They checked her out, and it is still early days as far as being ready to pop Baby out! They said they would send her home, but did an ultrasound first to make sure all is okay. Things are fine, and Baby is still a girl!

We ended up staying up late tonight, with all the excitement and the long stay at the hospital before being sent home. I think they forgot about Christine after they got her put into the room, and then we had to wait ages for the doctor to come do the ultrasound. But, we know all is well, so it was worth it. I think Christine still has the headache, but will see how it goes.

We did see a little bit of TV at the hospital, which was quite a change. We do watch DVD's and such, but Brian hasn't cared to spring for a converter box and cable bills and I can't say I blame him. They don't seem to get any local stations, or I guess Christine said the only ones they can get run soaps. Not their speed!

Well, it is 1.19 a.m. here, so I had best go. I know Brian set it to show eastern time, but I am wondering exactly which variety of it, as it seems to be more than 30 minutes off! We are hoping that Baby gets the idea and gets with the program, it will be nice to see her! I know you all are anxious to know that she has arrived, too! Take care and more tomorrow! And, maybe good news before too long?


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