Thursday, June 09, 2005

Thursday--Baby D-Day?

Hi All!
It seems there is always so much to say, and so hard to repeat it in all the email, as I tend to forget things, or get tired of saying things! So, I got Brian to set up a blog for me so all can hear it all!
You will all know already that I had a good flight over here. Everything went just like clockwork, even with Air France being delayed at JFK. How freaky is that, to have everything go so well? It was reassuring, for any future trips I make anywhere in the world!
The kids look really good. Brian is thin as ever, but I guess not much is to be expected. He is so much like Mike, eating is about the last on the list, as he gets wrapped up in what he is doing. Christine looks good---ready to pop! There are no doubts at all that she is expecting and due any day!
Baby is due today. I guess we will see! We had a false alarm last night--the second one. The first was the night before I arrived. It is all moving in the right direction, in any case! So, last night. Landstuhl, the base hospital that they send all the preggie mommies to, was full. Christine says they do labor and delivery all in the same room here, and they only have 7-8 rooms, so it can get filled up pretty quickly. I have to stop with the "asides!" So, they were full, said she could wait and call back in an hour, and maybe they would have space for her. So, we waited. The contractions were coming along fine, 4-5 minutes apart, and it really looked like this was going to be it. She called again and they were still full, so diverted her to Johannes Krankenhaus (for the benefit of those of you who know German!)--otherwise, Johannes, the German hospital. Christine was not happy about that, one of her big concerns being if they were going to be able to understand her and vice versa. Also, of course, she was all set for the base hospital. Anyway, off we headed for Johannes, with all the bags, things to read, things to eat, camera, etc. All the essentials! The receptionist downstairs didn't speak English but was able to let us know where to go. We got up to Obstetrics and they did speak English there! What a relief! A midwife came and got us into a room and got Christine onto a monitor. To make a long story shorter (!!), she was in the very early stages, it could be one or two more days, and they did an ultrasound to make sure all was okay, then sent her home. So, she still has a chance to deliver at the base hospital. They were very good there at Johannes, and I think that Christine is not as concerned, if she should have to deliver there. The guy who did the ultrasound also spoke very good English and he measured Baby, said all he could tell us, not being very familiar with pounds, is that she is more than 6 pounds. Whether that is ounces over or pounds over, it is hard to say. We are kicking ourselves for not asking how many grams--knowing these are just estimates. We could have converted it! Oh well. Anyway, we came on home and got in about 12.30 a.m. Off to bed and some rest! More soon!


At 10:43 PM, Blogger Joanna said...

Oh I am getting excited!! COme on Mitch we are waiting for you!

The blog looks great, I think you will love it once you get used to it. Since you already have Flickr that part is done too. You might look into Haloscan, they have a script for comments and it is a pop up and lots faster I think than the blogger comments - but some people even have both.

Anyway, keep us posted, I have you bookmarked. BTW, we are scheduled for a foundation inspection tomorrow, so concrete can't be far away!


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