Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Rainy Tuesday

Hi All!

Still no baby, but dilation is up to about 2 cm, so there is hope! I told the kids that it would be only fitting for a military baby to be born on payday! How perfect would that be????? As you can imagine, we are on pins and needles waiting. Christine has a bigger stake in it all, of course. She has been suffering from heartburn and reflux and it is pretty well everyday now. She will be so happy to see the end of that! She is so looking forward to having a lap again, etc! There is also the worry that baby will wait till just before I leave to come out, and then she will be without my help. That was part of the reason I came, after all.

Meanwhile, it has been really great getting to visit with Brian and Christine, seeing some of the area, etc. It would be nice to be able to go a little further afield, but with a baby still aboard, that is out of the question, of course. We have fun going to the different bases and shopping at the BX's and such. We still need to go to Ramstein again before I go, for sure, so I can check out all the concessions around their BX. I would love to go to the Italian restaurant in Sembach again too---they have wonderful Wiener Schnitzel! There are some German shops we want to visit too!

I will try to limit the amount I write in these, as I notice after I post them and read them, that they are rather long! I know some of you might not want to take that much time to read them. So, I will try to put more info and less chatting, maybe?

I will save the lower floor of the house for tomorrow, unless there is news of a blessed and much desired and pined for event to report!!!!!

So, I will finish off tonight with a brief further description of Brian and Christine's yard! When I actually looked at it the other day, I realized how amazing it was that I couldn't tell more before! There are two trees right in the front, one on each side of the little walkway! Also, while looking at the house, to the left, there are several trees --- 7, I think----that extend in two rows from the front of the yard down along the side yard to the back yard. They have a decent sized side yard on that one side, and a relatively short back yard, that runs the full length of the house. They really have a nice amount of yard. Brian says that some of the trees are fruit trees, and at least one is supposed to be an apple tree. We can see little fruit on at least one of the trees. Pudgy enjoys running around in the yard, and barking at dogs, kids, just about anything that passes by! She is very affectionate with people she knows, and she decided she knew me quite quickly.

From what I hear, it sounds like Mike and Anne are getting along fine. Mickey makes sure that Mike doesn't sleep too much--I guess she doesn't want him to miss waking up to my snoring? She pats him instead, to pet her!!! She has been pestering Anne too--wanting kitty treats. I am sure they will be glad to have me back to distract Mickey!!!!

Well, I am going to go, and will hope to have good news to relay soon! Please continue to send good thoughts to Baby, encouraging her to make an appearance!!! Arriving late to make a big splash is fine, but now would be a good time! Best wishes to you all!


At 11:42 PM, Blogger Joanna said...

I think it is time for you to start a contest or poll to guess when the baby will come. I'll guess Thursday the 16th, 7am in the morning. Any other takers out there? Winner gets emailed the first pictures of the baby!


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