Sunday, June 19, 2005

Sunday, part deux

It has been a busy Father's Day, here in Germany. We were getting ready to leave the house, to run errands and see Mitch, when someone from the Fisher House called--they had a room for Christine. She got the details and ran to pack. We ended up getting to the base later than expected. It was going to be a mess to try to have a Father's Day dinner out for Brian, so Christine picked up a few things she needed from the BX and we then ate at the food court. We will take Brian out later, when it won't be so crowded everywhere for Father's Day.

Brian had suggested Christine call the NICU and see when Mitch was going to want to eat--it was a good idea. She had eaten at 3.30 p.m., and seems to be a 4 hour baby, so they told her to come on in at 7.30. We had time to kill, and had plenty of time to stop off at the Fisher House, get Christine's info and key and take her things to her room. She has a nice room, with two twin beds, an arm chair and a rocking chair. The room has a private bathroom, with a tub with shower head. She has a TV in there, DVD player, clock radio and telephone. They really do it up nice. Down in the kitchen, there is a locked cupboard for each room, and large fridges, with a shelf for each room. They make regular runs to the BX and Commissary and residents are allowed to go to shop. They have several cupboards with community items, available to all residents. This includes cereals, snack bars, coffee, tea, really all kinds of things. I had heard, when I went to the quilt show and luncheon at Wright-Patt in aid of the Fisher/Nightingale Houses, that sometimes meals are brought in for the families by volunteers. I think that was the case this evening, as there were large aluminum containers with spaghetti, meat sauce, french bread, and Texas sheet cake on the counter in the kitchen when we were there. The house also has a nice dining room with several tables and chairs---no eating or drinking in the bedrooms! There is also a nice living room with large TV, books, videos, etc. It is all really nice. The price is nice too---$10 a day.

I will give more background on the Fisher/Nightingale houses later on! It is an interesting story.

Brian and Christine got in a good visit with Mitch and baby nursed. She doesn't like to burp for Christine, and she spit up on her new shirt that her Daddy had made for her---her "My Daddy has a Buggy!" shirt. Oh well! Won't be the only time, will it? Christine came out later so I could go in, and visit with our little angel. She is looking especially cute today, and had been changed into a onesy after spitting up on her t-shirt! She feels like she is filling out a little bit and the nurse said she has gained more than an ounce. She looks right at you when you talk to her, and looks like she is paying attention! I don't imagine she really is, but it is a nice illusion. I gave her kisses for you all, and she fell asleep in my arms. Then Daddy woke her up when he checked her diaper! She was happy again by the time that was all finished though! The nurses will give her formula tonight, and Christine will nurse tomorrow. She pumped tonight and had a good turnout, so that is encouraging!

Brian is going to put two photos on here for me, both taken today. I hope you enjoy them!


At 8:23 PM, Blogger Joanna said...

What a sweet sweet baby! Don't you just want to hold her forever? I hope you get lots of time with her before you leave. I'm hoping for a picture of Mommy and baby soon - I've never seen Christine. My how Brian looks like Mike - it is so weird! Cut from the same block for sure, no doubt!
I'm keeping little Mitch in my prayers!


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