Saturday, June 18, 2005

Happy Fathers Day!

Brian was supposed to put some photos on my blog for me, but we didn't get to it. I hope to get this done today! It is officially Fathers Day here, as it is after midnight.

Congratulations to all the daddies, especially the newest one! Brian will be a good daddy, and he sure has a cute little daughter. She is so adorable and she is so happy and content when he holds her. He has sure gotten the hang of swaddling her up to put her back in her baby warmer at the NICU.

I think most all of you know by now that Mitch is sick. It really seems like it was just one of those fluke things. She is getting treatment and will be fine. The course of treatment is long and she will be in hospital for 3 weeks. They won't cut back on that, the doctor wants her to have a full 21 days of treatment. We can't complain about that, they are taking very good care of her.

On the plus side, she is very healthy except for this, and really does look healthy. She has good color, she is eating much better now and is looking like she will become quite a little chow hound. She is not fussy about how she gets her food---bottle or Mom, it makes no difference to Mitch! A real blessing under the circumstances. She also loves her binkie now, although it took her a little bit of time to get the hang of that! She doesn't insist on having it all the time though, so that is nice. She is often perfectly content on her own, without binkie or anything else.

I got to visit with her twice today and she was good as gold both times. The second visit, I got to hold her, and Brian took more photos. I took more photos of him holding her before he turned her over to me, too. She is extremely photogenic, and looks lovely in all the pics! She has the prettiest little face and a nicely shaped little head. She really did smile at me today when I was holding her, and no, she didn't burp, toot, or fill her diaper after that either!!!!!!!

It would have been wonderful to have her here at the house, waking us all up at night, and all the usual routine. Since it is not to be, at least her mom and dad have a chance to get caught up on their sleep, and should be nice and fresh for when she does come home. I am sorry I will be long gone before that happens. At least Christine and Brian will be well used to dealing with Mitch by then, since the nurses encourage parents to deal with diapers, etc, while babies are in the NICU. Also, Christine is getting used to handling her with the nursing and Brian has given her bottles. Christine will pump and collect milk at home to take to the NICU, for times when she can't be there for feedings. The nurses will suppliment with formula as needed. Mitch really does seem to be an easy baby with all this, and I think Christine will easily be able to continue nursing through it all.

Well, I am hoping for photos when I blog again! Until then, Happy Fathers Day!


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