Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Oh Baby, What I Want!

As you might guess, we are all anxious for little Mitch to come home. That is a good ways off still, so meanwhile, we are content with the progress she makes every day! She is eating much better and eating more. One of the nurses that has been off for a few days was back today, and he noticed a huge difference in her. That was correct, by the way, the nurse is a he. They have several male nurses who work at the nicu, as well as other parts of the hospital. Christine's midwife for her labor was a man also. They are all very good. I had quite a number of male nurses on duty when I had my different surgeries. They are all very professional, kind and are all good nurses. I would guess there is a higher than average number of them in the military as compared to the civilian world.

Anyway, this nurse noticed the difference in Mitch since he saw her last. She really is doing well. Christine is doing really well with the nursing and pumping, and I think it has been a couple of days since a drop of formula passed Mitch's lips. She is past the tarry poop, and is all set for being a perfectly normal baby!

If you haven't already, check out Brian's web page, Michelle's Moments, which used to be Baby Squiggles! There is a photo of Mitch and her mom, and a surprise photo too! What fun!!!! Be sure to go look!

It continues hot, but it clouds have developed and we have seen some lightening, heard some thunder, and seen some rain drops. We are hoping for cooler temperatures now!

Brian's boss and his family stopped by the Fisher House right after we got back there from the hospital today. It was a good thing we planned to stop in and visit with Christine for a while! Brian had seen him briefly at work today, when we (Brian and I) stopped by there for a minute this morning. I don't think he had known till then that Mitch was sick and still in hospital. I guess he passed the word on to the First Sergeant too, and we got word that he would be stopping by also. He showed up not long after the boss and family left. Very nice, offered any kind of help that might be needed, etc. Really nice to know how many absolutes can be suspended with cause! Because of agreements with the German government, there are restrictions on driving here---I am technically not allowed to drive, unless I were to go and rent a car to drive. Anyway, it seems that could have been gotten around, with the help of the First Sergeant. It has been fine, and as I told him, Brian knew where he was going! But, nice to know that if it had been a problem, we could have worked it all out. I will have to remember that kind of thing in the future! Not that I imagine I will ever need to know this kind of thing again! Anyway, it was nice meeting Brian's boss and the First Sergeant.

Well, I am sure I have gone on and on long enough. I will have to take a photo of the rosebush in the front yard---it is small and has lots of yellow roses on it. Well, a lot considering how small it is! Really are pretty! I am going, I think Brian and I are going to watch a movie or something. Take care and more tomorrow!


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