Thursday, June 23, 2005

I've Been Registered!

Well, today Mitch got officially registered,which basically means all is set for her birth certificate, etc. They really need to update things here at Landstuhl, as they have just a tiny office, with one gal working there, very short hours for appts-- only part of 3 days a week, 2 hours of walk-ins one day, and closed on Friday. This for a hospital that is having almost 100 births a month, up from 60 or less not all that long ago.

Anyway, we got through all that, and got some lunch, then the kids all took me shopping. I had a number of things I wanted to look for and hadn't had time to really do a good look for yet. Mitchie just kept us on the run so much both before and after birth, that we didn't have much time for running around, sight-seeing, or shopping! I found just about everything I was looking for today, so that is a real relief! Mitch was good as gold. She is a good little shopper.

She had her first bath at home today too, this morning before we left. She decided that wasn't bad, which was nice. The nicu nurses said she screamed her little head off when they gave her a bath! Of course, she can't be put in the water yet, since her belly button isn't all set yet, but it is getting there! Then she can have nice baths with her rubber ducky and can splash around a little.

The weather continues nice, and that is a blessing. It was warm today, but not as hot as it had been earlier in the week. That is really nice too. I think it is cooler in Florida though than it has been here. Go figure?

I will write more later or tomorrow. It is nice to see so many of the blogs updated and all the new news, also the Walters' new blog. Fun, fun! Best wishes to you all.


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