Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Let's Try This Again!

Hi All!

I am amazed at how long it has been since I have blogged. I guess I had little enough time at the computer over the weekend? I did start to blog yesterday, but the blog police got involved!! To translate, Mike came home from work while I was blogging, and told me I was doing it wrong. It seems that the screen that comes up is not the one you are supposed to write your blog entry in. My take on it is, why does that screen come up then? Let's have some logic in these things! I thought computer people (as in the ones who set up the blogging stuff) were supposed to be more logical than that. Anyway, he clicked it to where I was supposed to do my writing, and I really didn't like the font, etc. I am just so used to everything looking the way it does when I have been doing it, and I was not in any rush to change---it was working, why "fix" it? I know he was just trying to help, but I lost track of what all I was blogging about, and so deleted it.

So, here I am back again, writing in the part I am not supposed to write in! And in a good mood, ready for blogging!!!!! By the way, Anne told me that when you are in the "compose" section that you supposedly are supposed to write your blogs in, you can't use the enter key, as it will take the cursor off to who knows where. I use the enter key so that would really bug me! I haven't tried it out for myself, since I prefer to continue to write in the part I am not supposed to write in. I guess I am just a rebel.

I will write another entry soon and tell a little bit about my trip home. For now, I think I will concentrate on yesterday and today. More specifically, people I have run into! I took Anne to work yesterday and after dropping her off, did some shopping in the BX, then a quick run through the commissary. Well, I got to the BX area, and ran into "Annie the nut lady", who runs the nut stand concession. She is a German lady, from Bavaria. I don't know the whole story, I think she must be married to an American, ages ago, as she is an older lady. She is very nice, and Anne and I talk to her when we see her---Anne sometimes speaks German with her. Anyway, I got two hugs and a kiss on the cheek, for coming back from Germany! Then, I went to the BX, and got two hugs from Anne's supervisor Helen, who is so glad I am back! She asked Anne almost every day when I was coming back. She was afraid Anne would have another asthma attack or something like that while I was gone! They are all so nice, in any case. I also was congratulated by several of Anne's co-workers on the arrival of baby Michelle. Anne had printed out some of the pictures, and I think she took them in to work so people could see her little niece!

We had gotten a late start yesterday, as I had arranged before ever leaving for Germany for a pressure cleaning company to come and do the house. We had some mold/mildew places on the roof, and the house was still pretty dirty from the hurricanes last year. The sidewalks and driveway really needed a good cleaning too. Anyway, they were to come yesterday morning. I got a call from them letting me know they were running late, and was that okay---hoping it wouldn't interfere with my schedule. It was fine, but they ended up not getting here till about noon --they finished, I gave them a check, and I actually left the house with Anne to get her to work, before they pulled out. We got a better start today, and made a stop at WalMart to look for some things. Then got to the base in time for a quick lunch at the food court, and time for Anne to take a quick look through the BX. She didn't get much time to do that while I was gone.

I had a short email from Brian today, he said Michelle is doing well, she was sleeping as he was emailing. I checked the weather page for their area that he had given me a link to, and it is supposed to be cooler there this week. I am sure they will enjoy the cooler temperatures! Hot is easier to tolerate when you have a/c!!

Well, I am going to go for now, and may blog some more in a bit. I still want to tell you about the lower level of Brian and Christine's house, too. I wonder how long it will take me to run out of things of even moderate interest to talk about? It won't be long before there will be trips to Orlando to the university for orientation, etc, with Anne, and then she will be starting school before we know it. I imagine it might take a little while to run out of things! Best wishes to you all, and more later!


At 9:51 PM, Blogger Joanna said...

Gosh - I have no idea what the blog police are talking about? It's good to hear and see your news and know you are back in the routine. I hope Brian will have (find) time to blog once in awhile.

BTY - I go to the Blog dashboard, log in and click on new post, and it takes me to the compose page - where once you type you can priview and then hide preview, and if you are OK with it - post. Where do you go?

Yep house is getting exciting. We hope to get a call for the electrical any day now.

At 8:12 PM, Blogger Sally said...

Hi Jo!
Anne told me that you and she both find that the compose page comes up when you go to blog. When I do, the html page comes up and that is where I have been writing. Although, Anne told me that although the compose page comes up for her, she switches to the html page, as she likes it better. Go figure? I find it funny that it goes to different pages for different people? Just some of the fun of computers, I guess? Mike is going to show me how to put photos in, or Anne will, she said she did a tutorial for a friend who is way computer illiterate so it should be a snap! I guess we will see!
Will look forward to the news about the electrical on your house! Exciting!!!!!


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