Saturday, July 02, 2005


Well, here it is, July, already. And it's the 2nd already too. It is amazing to think that I have already been home for a whole week, as of today. Well, I guess technically not till tonight, but still! A lot has happened in that time, but in some ways, not enough! I do feel a lot more rested though, so that is good. I am so thankful that I didn't have any major jet lag!

So, before I forget what it is like, I guess it is about time to tell you about the lower floor of Brian and Christine's house!

I told you before about the long hallway on the second floor. And that at the end was a room that used to be a bedroom, where the stairs are? It makes a nice storage room now. The stairs are a circular staircase. Not what they would have chosen, but it doesn't take up much space, which is probably why the owners chose it. So, you go down the stairs and end up in a small room. Christine thought it might have been a bedroom, which makes sense. It would have been a small one, but that would not be unusual. One funny thing is that there is a small sink in that room, on the one wall! Just a small one like you might use to wash your hands, etc. No counter or anything underneath. At this point, they use that room for storage too! When you come out of that room, there is a long hallway straight in front of you. To your left, is a small entry and the door to outside. If you go out, there are stairs that lead up to the ground level, and take you to the driveway. Back inside, if you look to the right (from the room with the stairs) you will see Baby Michelle's room! Her room is very nice, with her crib, a changing table, a dresser, storage thingie, and a glider rocker and foot rest for Christine. Oh, there is a wardrobe in there too. There is a nice big window, so she gets plenty of light! I am sure there are other things I might have forgotten about! If you come out of Mitch's room and continue down the hallway, the next door on the right leads you to Brian and Christine's room. It is right next to Mitch's, which works out well. It is a really big room. Christine said it was the living/dining room when the downstairs was a separate apartment. I forgot to say, Mitch's room was the other bedroom! Across from their room is the bathroom, which is pretty large. There is just a tub with handheld shower--no separate shower as there is upstairs. Of course, all the other usual things you find in a bathroom! This tub is large and is really high. Christine couldn't use it when she was pregnant, as it was too high to climb into. I think that is what she said! At the end of the hallway is the room that used to be the kitchen, and is now the laundry room. It is large too, with plenty of room for the washer and dryer (American size!). They also have some storage units in there, and a table for folding laundry, etc. In the back, the yard is nice sized and there is a little patio area and a walkway along the length of the back of the house. I am not sure if there was a half bath downstairs too, or just the one upstairs. In any case, they have plenty of room, and enough bathrooms for everyone!

So, that is the tour of their house! I hope Brian will be sure to take some photos, so you can see at least some of what I have told you about. It is a nice, roomy house, and it works out quite nicely for them.

Well, I had best go for now, and will save some of the other topics for another day! We continue with occassional rain and clouds, with enough sunshine thrown in to keep us from missing it. I think there is supposed to be a pretty good chance of rain/thunderstorms on Anne's birthday. It could be a repeat of last year, when we tried to go to the base to watch the fireworks, and the thunderstorms with pounding rain hit just as we got to the base. Have a good weekend, and a safe and happy 4th of July!


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