Thursday, June 30, 2005

End of June, where did it go?

Well, it is the end of June and I am not sure where the month went. Of course, being out of the country for 3 weeks of it might be part of the problem? It continues to rain occassionally here. The shutter installation is further delayed. We haven't heard anything from them, but I am not too surprised. All they can say so far is that they haven't gotten to us yet. If not tomorrow, maybe on Tuesday?

Anne had been thinking of taking up knitting, as there are a number of things she would like to make and knitting is the best way to do it. I had given her a book for Christmas that is an instruction and pattern book for knitting and crocheting. She looked it over last night---the knitting section, that is!----and got to work. She is doing quite a good job, and her stitching is pretty even. She seems to have a good handle on the tension, but I think starting with crochet first helps that! I am sure she will be knitting up a storm in no time!

She saw the doc/actually PA at the ortho office yesterday. She is improving, but slowly. They dropped the ball and although he had put in a referral last time for her to see a neurologist, nothing had happened yet. He is getting them to find out what happened with that, as he still wants her to see one. She obviously has a pinched nerve somewhere, and it continues to give her pain and reduced mobility in her neck, and pain and spasms in her hand. So, we will see. Also, he was wondering why the pt stopped, and she told him that the 12 visits approved by workers comp had come and gone. He wants to check and see if workers comp will approve more, as he feels she would benefit from more pt. So, we will see. She seems to end up with so much soft tissue damage when she gets hurt and then it takes such a long time for it all to heal. At least she is mending, even if slowly.

I do find it strange and interesting that I really didn't have much trouble with jet lag, either going to Germany or coming home. Not that I mind!!!! I do find on being home, that I do seem to get tired more easily than I did. I think I am still trying to catch up on sleep, after all the strange hours we had in Germany with the false alarms brought on by little Mitch, resulting in late night trips to the hospital, and early morning trips home, and strange bed times!!! I know it was just as hard on Brian and Christine, and they have Mitch home, probably still waking in the night wanting to eat! I know it will take them even longer to get rested up---I know, for new parents, what is rested up??? Does that ever really happen? Be brave, Brian and Christine, some day you actually will feel rested and have a full night's sleep again!!!!

I haven't had any word from Germany, so I assume all is well and they are busy having a great time with their beautiful baby girl! She truly is a sweet and lovely baby, and I am sure she brings a lot of joy to them!

Take care, all, and enjoy the upcoming long weekend! We have the added fun of Anne's birthday!! No plans yet, but we will see what we can come up with.


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