Thursday, July 14, 2005

Back Again

Hi All---I am amazed at how long it has been since I blogged last. I really didn't mean to let it go, but have been busy. Poor excuse, I know!

Anne has had more appointments, trying to track down the cause of her funny symptoms. We think we are getting closer to an answer, so that is good. Always best to know what is going on, eh? I have to get her to check her email, as I thought her orientation at the university was scheduled for 18 July and she thinks it is 18 August. That would make a real difference, so will have to check and find out which is the correct date! I would imagine she is right, since she is the one who actually gets and reads the emails and notices, and she only told me a date, and I guess I just assumed it was July! Time will tell and things will move along eventually.

I guess you all know that the launch scheduled for yesterday was scrubbed. Really sad, especially since the weather had been really iffy all morning, and cleared nicely in time for the launch. However, best to be safe and not take chances with these things. I do find it amazing that gauges on an important and sophisticated machine like the shuttle can go wonky. Makes you wonder how cars and such ever work right at all. Anne and I had planned to watch from either the beach or the BX parking lot. Mike wasn't going to be able to see it, as he was to be in a meeting in the afternoon. Maybe this time around, when it does go off, we will all be able to see it? I think it would be great if it were to be at a time/day so that Mike could take photos with the new camera!!!!

I talked to Brian briefly on IM today, and he said Michelle had her first well baby appt today!!! He said she did just fine. She weighs 8 pounds 11 ounces now, so she has put on a decent amount of weight. She is also 3/4 inches "taller!" which would make her 21-1/4 inches "tall." My how she has grown! He said they had to poke her foot for a blood test. I don't imagine she was much impressed by that! In any case, we didn't have much time to talk, but it sounds like all is fine there and they are all well.

The shutter guys did make it back Monday morning, and got the rest of the shutters installed. Mike was inclined to just leave them up till we found out what Emily was going to do, and I wasn't too sure about that. But the shutter guys thought it was a good idea too. I didn't think to call Mike and tell him, so Anne and I got home after him, to find he had already taken down the ones in the front. I told him I didn't mind leaving them up. So, since the ones in the front were already down, we left them down, and stored them in the garage, and have left the rest of them up. The others don't show from the front, which is all that matters, and even so, they aren't bad looking. As it is, it looks like Emily will miss us by a good bit. I find the shutters so unobtrusive though, that I don't mind if he goes ahead and leaves the side and back ones up most of the hurricane season. The front ones will be easy to get put back up if a hurricane does decide to come our way. These are very easy to put up and down, thank goodness, and aren't as heavy as the metal ones are.

Well, I guess that is it for now. We are keeping busy, as I am sure you all are too. Take care and drop us a line when you get time, we enjoy hearing from everyone! Till next time........


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