Sunday, July 17, 2005

Sometimes Life is a Beach

Hi All---I am not sure this is one of those times, but the beach can be quite calming and soothing, and so that is a good thing. Anne was off work yesterday and we had a pretty quiet day, for the most part. Anne and I spent a good chunk of the afternoon working on the brain blog. We went for our weekly dinner out, and had a good time. She has really lost her appetite, which I guess is not surprising. It had already suffered a set back with the vertigo she has been having. Ended up, she ordered just a baked potato and shared some of my steak. It was more than enough for both of us, we still had leftovers to take home. We went to Longhorn, by the way, and we really do like it. We had one in OH and liked it a lot, but it was always so crowded, with such a long wait, we rarely went. It hasn't been as bad here, crowd-wise, so we have eaten there a few times. I really like that they, along with many of the local steak places, have an option of a baked sweet potato for a side. Since I like sweet potato now, it has been a great option for me!!!!

Anne had mentioned to me yesterday afternoon that she would like to go to the beach, just to sit and enjoy the atmosphere. After dinner we stopped at the house and got things put away, and Anne got into more appropriate footgear---her boots were not quite the right thing! Mike stayed at home--I hope we haven't ruined him for the beach, as that was where we went to tell him about Anne's tumor. (She wanted to go sit at the beach that evening too, and figured it would give us a chance to walk off and let me tell him about it.) Anyway, we headed off, making a detour at the BX to get a copy of the new Harry Potter book and look for some of those cold compress things for putting on your forehead for headaches. It was called Migraine Ice, and they used to have a variety of shapes even, depending on where you needed the cold--doesn't use ice, it is one of those chemical reaction things that makes it cold, when you take it out of the pouch. However, the base does not have them, and we ended up later going to two pharmacies before finding a generic version at the second place. Anne likes them because she can stick one on her forehead and go to sleep and doesn't have to worry about it falling off, or being too heavy, or too cold, etc.

Anyway, we got the Harry Potter and headed for the beach. I am so glad I got those chairs that open and close--sort of like an umbrella action, come to think of it-- and fit in the bags. They are pretty comfortable, and are so easy to sling over the shoulder and carry to the beach--nice and light-weight. We sat for a good while, watching people on the beach. It was still light out, but late enough that the breeze was off the water and was nice and cool. So nice after the hot temperatures we have been having--mostly highs in the low 90's lately, with heat indexes in the high 90's to low 100's. It was so relaxing to just sit there, and watch/listen to the waves coming in. A very good idea on Anne's part!

So, she is at work now and I have been puttering around doing this and that. I still need to read the Sunday paper, but it isn't going anywhere! Have been getting Mike's work shirts washed up. I did some knitting earlier on a cotton dish cloth. I didn't do a swatch to check gauge, and found that the needles I am using are too big! The cloth is supposed to be about 9 inches square, and I am guessing that it will actually be about 12 inches square! Anne had suggested that I go ahead and finish it, can give it to Brian for washing the cars. She said the word at crochetville is that they are really good for car washing, and great for getting bug residue off! And don't scratch the finish! So, I continue to work on it.

I guess I am long since out of news, so I will go ahead and sign off, and will write more later when there is something to write about! Take care all of you!


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