Saturday, July 23, 2005

What a Day

Hi All! A busy day today, all the way around. I talked to Dr. Paine's office and found out that we had the wrong date for her appt, thinking it was July and it is in August. Good thing we got that straight! I played phone tag off and on all day with Dr. LoZito's office. (just some questions, including wondering about the results of the blood work) Just one of those days. I will get them on Monday.

I called and talked to a local car repair place about Mike's car--he continues to have problems with the stupid warning lights (for the charging system?), and because of the past history of it just plain not starting sometimes, he sure doesn't want to just ignore this. The place I called is the place I take my car for oil changes, it is owned by a retired MSgt and a retired Lt.Col. I have always found them to be helpful and honest there. Mike did take it there last time he took it in. They checked all the charging system, and it all checked out okay. They do figure there might be a short somewhere? Anyway, when I called, they suggested a dealer's service department might do better, since they work on these kinds of cars all the time and SHOULD know more about the likely spots for shorts, etc. He did recommend a place, which is not the one Mike has been taking it to. I called this afternoon and they can look at it tomorrow. So, we will take it in at 8 tomorrow morning.

Anne and I got out of the house early enough this afternoon to stop at the credit union and I got a box mailed to Brian and Christine. Then it was about time to drop Anne off for work. I did a quick run through the commissary for a few things, and the place was packed. Anne said tonight that the BX was really busy too. She said a lot of people were worried about the new hurricane in the Atlantic, but we heard on the news that it is going on up into the Atlantic, there is almost no chance at all it will come our way. We did wonder if that was why so many people were at the BX and commissary though, stocking up their hurricane supplies?

After I got Anne from work, I did get her blankie cast on. You have to cast on 249 stitches for this blankie she wants, which is real fun to count out! I lose track, of course, so just count the loops after I have cast on a bunch, till I have the right number. I have done 5 rows of knitting on it already---that takes a while too, with the number of stitches. It is getting more and more manageable though! She picked nice yarn and I am sure she will enjoy it. It seems she is either freezing half to death, or hot as can be. There seems to be no happy medium. Since the more usual condition is freezing, it is worth it to make her a nice blankie to keep warm with. It will be done in a basket weave pattern. Really nice.

It was really hot here today, I think they said 96 in Orlando at the airport, and I think the sign at the base said 96 too. I didn't really notice that it was much hotter than it has been. I guess that is just as well! Take care all of you, and those of you who blog, please do! We love to hear all your news too!!!!!


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