Sunday, July 24, 2005

I Still Count This as Saturday!

I noticed that my last post was listed as Saturday, although I counted it as Friday night, since I was still up. Is that silly or what? But it might make things more clear as to what happened when, if you keep that in mind! Same as today, it will list it as Sunday, but I am writing about Saturday.

I got up early to follow on over to the Chevy place and bring Mike home. I took an appt for 8 a.m. when I called, since they are only open till 1 p.m. on Saturday, and I figured it was best to give them as much time as possible! As it is, they have the car till sometime on Monday. They did call today, said the problem is the water pump. I guess we will see. Anyway, they say the car will be ready sometime on Monday. It could be a lot worse, and in any case, we sure hope this takes care of all the problems.

I made more progress on Anne's blankie today. I am doing all the basketweave stuff, and it is going along fine. It should look really nice when it is done, I think Anne chose well when she chose the pattern.

We read more Harry Potter tonight. We were further along than I remembered us being, I think we started Chapter 7 tonight, and I read it and Chapter 8. It continues interesting! If it hadn't been so late, we might have done one more chapter, as the next one is titled "Half Blood Prince" and the big question has been who is that! I guess we might know tomorrow? Unless it is a teaser and the question won't be answered in that chapter!

Well, not another thing to write about, so off I go and maybe something amazingly exciting will happen tomorrow!


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