Wednesday, August 03, 2005

All the News That's Fit to Print

Where to start? I guess I will start with today. I was evidently more tired than I realized after the long trip home, as I slept through the phone ringing this morning. Aren't answering machines lovely? It was one of the young gals from PT at the base---just letting me know that the Therapist I had seen last Wednesday had conferred with the guy at Orthopedics, as he had planned. They both agreed on sending me to a podiatrist, and Ortho will be calling me to set that up!

So, then the switch from people who care and actually make phone calls that are totally just a courtesy, to Dr. Greenspoon's office. They aren't all bad there, of course, but the bad ones give most of them a bad name in our book. If that isn't fair, well, too bad. It is the way we feel about it! We saw the PA that we have been seeing all along. I mentioned that since our last meeting with him, we had heard no word about the referral to a neurologist, or for more PT. This time he rather shrugged it off. I may or may not, depending on mood, write a letter, although I doubt it, as we have bigger things on our plate. We did tell him about the tumor, and he was so stunned, that at first it was like he was wondering how a shoulder injury resulted in a pituitary tumor!!!!!! I explained that it was unrelated and it was different symptoms that led to the discovery. He wished Anne well, hoped for a speedy resolution, and said that he figures the shoulder is as good as it is going to get. We weren't too surprised, and had pretty well figured that anyway. Truly, it is much better. Anne did stop in at their PT section, which is very good, by the way! She stopped to see the gal--Shawna--who did her therapy. She told her about the tumor, and Shawna felt that explained a lot--she had never been able to figure out why they were unable to make as much progress with strengthening her arm as she (Shawna) expected. It seems that and the continuing weakness Anne has in her arm could well be caused by the tumor. I guess we might know for sure after the tumor comes out????

We stopped at the base after that, and then came home. I got the rest of the car unloaded-with the rain last evening, Anne and I had agreed that we would just get out what we needed, and leave the rest for today. Then Anne went and took a nice long nap, which I am sure she really needed. We had a humongous thunderstorm that killed the lights for a short bit, with tons of really close-by lightning, and tons of rain. We had about an inch or an inch and a little bit in the gauge this morning, and it is now almost full---it holds 3 inches of rain. The clouds did their worst, for what seemed like ages, and then moved on, leaving sunshine behind. Sure beats all day rain storms!


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