Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Home Again

Anne and I are home, and I am glad of it! I am not sure if she is or not, but it is time. We had a really good visit in OH. We did feel a little jinxed, or that we were jinxing others. A really good thing I am not really superstitious. People we had planned to see ended up with relatives ill in hospital or dying, and that was no good at all. Once we heard of the second case, we decided we would not try to call anyone else. Just in case, you know.

We had a good trip home, no bad hold ups or anything. We did get some heavy rain and thunderstorms between Jacksonville and here. Humm, we had some heavy rain somewhere else too, and I don't remember now where it was. Most of us slowed down and put on our flashers, and all was well. We got home before 7 p.m., I am not sure of the exact time. It is nice to be back, and Mike looks the same as ever!

I am going to go ahead and close and will write more tomorrow, tell about the old house, things we saw and did, etc, while we were gone. Anne has her follow-up at Greenspoon's office tomorrow morning, so we will have to get up earlier than we might otherwise, under the circumstances. No one from that office has yet done what they were supposed to about the referral for Anne to see a neurologist about continuing pain/numbness in her hand/arm, or about more pt. They sure are pretty darn slack. I don't know if the office staff feel they need not give it full treatment because it is a workers comp case or what, but still it is not appreciated. Once again, I did not waste my time calling and checking back and nudging them to get things done, mostly because of Anne's tumor diagnosis soon after that last visit to Greenspoons, and that has rather changed our focus. I will let you know what, if anything, happens.

Meanwhile, take care and I will write more later on. Jo, it was great reading about the continuing progress on your house! Amy, it was great seeing photos of Skyler! I will email people soon too, but figured this might be the fastest way to get hold of everyone and let you all know we are home! Oh, read two more chapters of Harry Potter tonight, it is really coming along. I think we can finish it tomorrow, which will be good, as it would be nice to just keep reading till we are done with it now!


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