Saturday, August 06, 2005


Once again, I am slow and it is actually Saturday, but still Friday in my book since I haven't been to bed yet. Do keep in mind when reading our blogs (Anne's and mine) that we often write late enough for the blog to list as the next day. I know that can get confusing when we talk about things we did "that day" and it would seem from the date on the blog that it was a different day.

We had another monster thunderstorm today. Really a gullywasher and tons of thunder and lightning. I was glad that we were all home by the time it hit, and that we didn't have to go out in it! I imagine the rain gauge is full again. I will have to be sure to check it tomorrow.

We had a slow day today, as Anne was feeling pretty pooped. We went to the BX to get the form for the insurance. Someone called the house from the BX yesterday (Thurs)to remind us---we were on our way to CVS to get meds, and then home. Unfortunately, we didn't think to ask Mike if he caught a name, and in any case, all the HR people were gone, they were in Orlando meeting HR people from McDill. I think that is what we were told? So, we will just call and leave a message, and will either get them to mail it or will at least make sure someone will be there to give it to us next time we go.

I have been busy deciphering reading my HTML book. I did mention it in my last blog? Or did I just imagine it? If this has worked correctly, and I can do in a blog what I should be able to do in a web page text, you will see a cute trick, of stiking out a word! I guess if it doesn't work, I will have to come back and edit the blog and take this bit out!

I will go ahead and post this now, as I am excited to see if my little experiment worked! I may do a second blog with a little bit of a travelogue, so be sure to look further down and see if there are two blog entries!


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