Friday, August 12, 2005

Friday, The Better Half of the Day

Don't I look adorable in the dress Tia (Anne) crocheted for me?

After a hard day of watching movies....there is nothing like napping on my dad!

Isn't she adorable???? Thanks to Christine for sending me photos in an email!

Well, the day is looking up. Not only did I manage to put some wedding photos on this blog the other day ALMOST all by myself, but I managed to move the photos Christine sent onto Photobucket all by myself, and put two on the blog. I just might get the hang of all this computer stuff!!!!!

Anne was quite pleased, as you might expect, to see Michelle in the dress she made for her. As you will have noticed, it was made especially for the 4th of July!

After Anne blogged on the brain blog, she went and took a nap, and felt immensely better when she woke up. She will be fine, and one way or another she will muddle on till she sees Dr. Lozito next week.

Earlier today, we made a trip out to run errands. We finally made it to the post office, which we had been meaning to do since Tuesday, when we finally got the boxes ready to mail. It was just one of those weeks, you know? We also stopped at the credit union and deposited Mike's birthday checks. Sorry it took so long to get that done, those of you who kindly sent checks! Then, we went to the BX. Anne had paperwork to turn in, having to do with her medical leave. Also, although we had been told that we could send her insurance payments to the main office in Dallas (sure don't want to get behind on those!!!!!), the form mentioned that the payments could be made at any base exchange. So, we checked on that, and it was correct. I would much rather make a trip to the base, since I do go on occasion anyway (hahahah) and make the payments there, than count on the USPS to get a check there on time. So, we got the first payment out of the way, and it was quite painless, once the cashier realized I was paying, rather than her paying me!!!! Just got things backwards for a minute there! It did provide a moment of laughter, and that is always welcome!

While I was taking care of all that, a friend of Anne's stopped by, wondering where she had been, etc. A movie was suggested, and that is where she is now. She was excited about getting out of the house without me, although I can't imagine why--hahaha. I am glad of it, and I hope the movie isn't too weird and does have funny bits--she could use that! They are seeing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I have heard that some people liked it, so we will see what Anne's verdict is!

Well, I guess that is about it for today. Take care and have a good weekend!


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