Thursday, August 11, 2005

Travelogue Day Three

Okay, so as the corrected version goes, we did not go to Michaels on Friday evening for the first time, we went on Saturday! But, I am jumping ahead!

I let Anne sleep in a bit, and occupied myself with the tv (volume very low!) and knitting on her blankie. I made good progress, and Anne eventually decided she had enough sleep! We went to Panera Bread for lunch, and split a sandwich. They have done a little bit of remodeling there, as the section outside where they used to have tables is now enclosed like a sun room. Really does make the place seem bigger. There was also some excitement, in a good way. There was a young-ish woman and an older man (seemed like her dad?)who came in. She had a service dog with her. She trains service dogs, and this one was a seizure dog. Really was a beautiful dog, it was a German Shepherd. They drew a lot of attention, and a lot of people wanted to pet the dog, which she said was okay. It seems that it is really only the seeing eye dogs that you aren't to interact with. This dog was very friendly, as would be expected, and loved the attention. They were sitting quite close to where we were, so we saw and heard it all! The gal had some funny stories. The one I liked best was the time she DROVE to a restaurant, got the dog out of the car, walked to the door, and the hostess---who WATCHED her drive up and park---took her arm and guided her to a table!!!!!! She said it is amazing the number of times that people will assume that because you have a service dog, you must be blind, even if the dog doesn't have the harness, etc, that the seeing eye dogs wear.

We finished there in time for the quick trip to Michaels!!!! Anne found a much better selection of yarn than we have here in Florida. She picked out a few things, then it was time to check out and get back to the room to change. We got to the check out line and ran into one of my friends from quilt group in OH--Lisa!!!! It was really great to see her, and we had a nice chat!!!!

We headed back to the room, arriving later than I had intended, and perhaps set a record for women preparing to attend a wedding!! Fortunately, all went well, no runs in nylons, or anything like that. I guess it worked, making sure we each had two new pairs of nylons along with us! As it was, it didn't take us as long to get to Hillsboro as we thought it would, so we arrived in good time. The service was absolutely lovely, and Hilary was a truly beautiful bride. After the service everyone headed to the VFW hall for the reception. Anne and I were at the table next to the bridal party's table, and were seated with three young couples. They were all very friendly and we all talked a lot, etc. So, it was all quite enjoyable! Anne got to spend some time with Hilary, and she was very happy about that. The food was very good, catered by Ponderosa. The cake was really delicious, and before the end, every bit of cake was gone. Of course, they had put aside the top layer! The wedding started at 3.30 p.m., and I think we left the reception at about 8 or so? We did hang around a little bit, as Hilary had something for Anne. Anyway, even with a yahoo map with the reverse directions, I managed to end up going the wrong way at an intersection----in the one town, the route makes 4 turns--all the same state route!!!!! I felt like I was going the wrong way, and when I finally got out of trees and saw where the sun was, I knew I was going the wrong way! Turned around and headed back, and this time managed to get the right turns in. We had a quiet time the rest of the evening. I don't remember now if we read some Harry Potter that night or not. We did most nights, but there were times when it was too late or Anne was too tired to be read to. I know the one night--perhaps it was that night?---I had read three chapters, and wondered if she had dozed off at times. The next night, I had to reread the last chapter from the night before, as she had dozed off and hadn't realized till she couldn't remember what had happened in the book! I figure if that is the worst we deal with, we are still lucky!


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