Sunday, September 04, 2005

What is Sweet and Orange and Shaped Like a .....

Well, this arrangement was not exactly what I was going for, but it is probably nicer than what I had originally planned, so I will just figure that the HTML powers that be are guiding me! I couldn't find anything in my HTML book that actually told how to do what I wanted, so I just played with it. Oh dear, am I becoming more computer geeky? I know I have a long way to go, but.....

Anyway, back to sweet and orange and shaped like a....doughnut. Doughnut peaches, are what they are called. I don't remember ever hearing of any such thing before. One day a week or two ago, Anne and I were at the commissary and wanted more peaches. The regular peaches were horrible, still mostly green, hard as rocks, etc. Not promising, at all. We went on just a little way in the produce area, and saw these. They called them doughnut peaches, and they actually gave the appearance of being ripe, so we figured we could give them a try! They are actually quite doughnut shaped, with the pit being barely surrounded by flesh and taking the place of the "doughnut hole." Anne reports that they are very sweet and taste quite nice. I had a little sliver of one, and it was nice. Not real peachy tasting, but sort of a honey sweetness. It is always nice to see something new!

I took some photos of Anne holding her blanket yesterday, and one of her cuddled in the big chair in the living room, wrapped up in it. She put one of the photos on the brain blog, so you can see it there. I will try putting one or more of them on this blog another day. Between the late hour and having already made new and unusual efforts in the computer realm today, I think I have been inventive enough! I don't want my head to be strained too much!

Before I go, I would like to further recognize family birthdays! Jon (my brother-in-law) had his a couple of weeks back on the 23rd, followed by my Dad's on the 29th of August, and my sister Mary's on 2 Sept. Best wishes to you all! Many happy returns!


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