Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I am Still on Monday!

Okay, I haven't been to bed yet, so it is still Monday! Despite what the date heading for this says!

I have been very happy to see that Mike is blogging again. Be sure to go see his blog---he has put up some really neat photos! He went for a walk this evening, to good purpose, I see. What a great looking sunset. He mentioned to me that the baby swans are almost all white now. They sure have grown up fast. I remember back when they were little gray fuzzy things!

I haven't walked with Mike, the times he has gone. I still haven't found a chance to call orthopedics at the base, to check on my referral to podiatry, which has surely been lost. My foot/ankle doesn't bother me a lot (thanks to distractions!), but it is most likely to bother me by hurting while walking, so I haven't been going in for excess walking. I will have to try to call this week and get that sorted out.

The weather has been "cooler" in the Orlando area, but the high for Melbourne seems to continue in the low 90's, no change. I just checked Mike's blog a little bit ago, and checked his weather thing while I was there. At almost 1 a.m., it is still 86 degrees, 70% humidity, and a heat index of 95 degrees. I can guarantee you, when I put the garbage cans out at 7.30, it didn't feel nearly that hot. Perhaps I have gotten used to the heat already? I won't complain, if that is it!

Anne and I had a quiet day and ran some errands. We made it to the base post office before they closed, thank goodness! I just finished up paperwork with her for her visit to the endocrinologist tomorrow. Also paperwork so Aetna disability can talk to me instead of having to deal with her. A benefit, since she doesn't want to have to deal with them.

Well, I am blithering, so I will go and will write more soon!


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