Sunday, August 21, 2005

Killing Time

Well, Anne and I had a quiet day on Friday and in the interest of getting out of the house, and getting cheap books, we headed out to the local friends of the library book sale that afternoon. We had an interesting sight meet our eyes on the way out of our neighborhood! Driving along Old Glory, we spotted a guy out mowing his yard. Not a big deal, right? But, while he was mowing the edges of the yard with a regular mower, one of those neat new automatic lawn mowers was mowing the rest of the yard!!!!!! How cool is that???? I have read about them in the newspapers, but had never seen one "live" so to speak! I know that the prices for the automatic self propelled vacuums are coming down, and are made by a number of manufacturers now. I really thought I would be more likely to see one of those, before ever seeing one of the lawn mowing ones. So neat!!!!!

So, after that excitement, it was off to the library! Anne was feeling a bit pooped, so she camped out on a bench, and made occasional trips into the sale room to take a quick peek. I found a number of books, and could have picked up more, if I had been more sure of what I already have and what I don't yet. Oh well!

Our Joann's is closing, and will be reopening in October (??) in a new location. They are getting rid of as much of their inventory as possible before the move. We stopped by to see what the current status is, since we hadn't been in there in a while. The yarn is almost all gone, although Anne did get a few skeins for a jacket she wants to make, to go with the hat she made herself last month. It was nice to get the yarn at 40% off! They have just about sold all the things we would be interested in. The yarn is almost all gone, and although there is still a lot of fabric, other quilting supplies are pretty much gone. There won't anything to bring us back till they open the new store. Just as well!

Saturday was a quiet day. I spent a lot of time knitting, and am making good progress! We didn't get any rain today, but there is still a good chance of rain tomorrow. They did get a lot of rain inland--one place got almost 4.5 inches. We sure don't need that! No news from Brian recently, although I know he has talked to Anne on IM, I just haven't heard of any big news. I think they just chat. I will let you know if I hear anything interesting!


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