Sunday, August 28, 2005

Hot, Hot, Hot

Not so much that it was hot outside, it was actually sort of nice. Although hot! A nice breeze though!

No, what we had was a different kind of hot. I got up and got dressed this morning, and noticed that I was feeling a little bit hot, but figured it was a hot flash. Logical..... Well, I went out and got a cup of coffee, etc, and just for grins, checked the thermostat, and found that it was 84 degrees in the house. I always have it set on 78----day, night, etc. Well! I got Mike to change the air filter---always a good start!----and we both did what little bits we could think of to check it all out and try to get it going again. No luck. Fortunately, the name of the company that installed the A/C was listed on the outside unit and the unit in the garage. So, I made a phone call, and even on Saturday they have an operator that will take a message and get it to their technician who works after hours. The technician was able to come this afternoon, and it was an easy fix, thank goodness! Shoot, now I just forgot what it was that went. Oh, I think it was a capacitor???? It was a little thing down in the bottom of the unit in the garage. It had blown, and leaked some kind of machine oil. All the repairman had to do was replace it---we were lucky, he had just one of the right kind in his truck----and it was all fixed in no time. We were immensely glad it was something quick and easy to fix!!! How lucky was that? The house had gotten up to 86 by the time he had arrived, but it returned to its set temperature in a reasonable amount of time once the repair was made. What a relief!

I guess that is our excitement for the weekend? We went out for our weekly dinner out tonight, and went for Chinese. We hadn't been there in ages, and it is always so good. Yummy! When we got back, Anne and I went to the side of the house and checked on the progress of the jasmine. It is doing quite well. There are several sections that are climbing along the trellis, that are already to the top of it. The one piece was long enough that it extended several inches over the edge of the trellis. I guided it back down the other side. It is really growing a lot. I really need to go check the rest of the plants. I usually try to take a walk around the whole house now and then to check everything. I haven't looked at the grapefruit tree in ages---maybe not since I went through and removed a lot of the fruit? Mike says it looks like it is leaning more than ever. I need to see if Joel can come up with some sort of more permanent plan to support the tree, so we don't lose it.

I am now on the last skein of yarn, and nearing the end of the work on Anne's blanket. It is really going to be nice, if I may say so! It is almost as tall as I am, and there are still three "basket segments" to go (each segment is 18 rows of knitting) and the garter stitch edging (12 rows). Then also, it is to have a crocheted edge on it too, that Anne wants done with the darker yarn she got. We haven't yet decided who will do that, she will if she feels up to it, if not I will. I have enjoyed working on it, and it has gone much faster than I would have dared to hope. When I look at it, I can't imagine that I have done all that knitting. I think it has only been a little over a month that I have been working on it.

We have had very little rain from Hurricane Katrina, and they don't seem to think we will get any more from her journey up into the gulf. It seems she is far enough west that we are not likely to get anything. It was a shame that they seem to have underestimated what she was going to do---they had thought she would hit the gulf states as a catagory 1, now they are saying she might make it to a catagory 4. A real shame. We really like the ones that go back into the mid-Atlantic and die!

Once again, I am writing this on Saturday, at least still Saturday for me! Sorry about that--since the heading date says Sunday.


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