Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I'm Back...

Well, the blanket is done. It has been taking up all (haha--all) my spare time, and it is finally done. I was up till the wee hours of Tuesday finishing it, as Anne needed it at 9.15 a.m. on Tuesday. It came out quite nice, and is pretty big. I am sure it is the biggest thing I have ever knit. Anne and I measured it last night, and it is just over 50 inches by just over 55 inches. Anne still needs to do the crocheted edge. She is trying to decide just what edging pattern she wants to use. I think it will look really good with the darker yarn edging it, but on the other hand, it looks good as is, so we will see.

Mickey decided she liked the blanket after all, so she is guarding it! Will get better photos later!

Anne did use her blanket when I took her for the ACTH test, and a good thing, it was quite chilly in there. I was glad I remembered to bring a sweater. The test went well, one useless needle poke that so missed the vein that it didn't even bleed---I think the gal was trying too hard to do it low enough that it wouldn't hurt Anne to bend her arm. Anyway, she is one who will poke once and only once, so another gal did the second poke and got it on the first go. Hurrah! We will get the results next Tuesday.

We have continued to have a good bit of rain, mostly in the evening, which is really nice! Some thunder along with it too, but not always. I dumped another half inch of rain out of the gauge yesterday, and I think it has about that much again from last night.

Anne stayed home and slept while I went for my doc appt today. Just needed a new prescription for ultram (which I really like, by the way---hard to find anything you can take for pain/inflammation when you can't take NSAIDs) and a quick follow-up on all the past things. I saw a major, who is a nurse practitioner. She said I have been assigned a new doctor, I should be getting the letter about it soon. My old doctor has been reassigned to another base in Florida--he got lucky, he was afraid he was going to get Minot or someplace like that!

I feel like there was something else I was going to write about, but can't think of it now. I will be a better blogger now, that the big knitting project is done. More, later.....


At 9:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like the new colors on your blog BTW.

Blanket looks very nice, I think a darker yarn for border would be nice too. But, then it is Anne's. Dark would be easier to see - but against the light yarn would show any out of line stitch too - (my 2 cents), - experience speaking here.

is the ultram for your foot? I am having big problems with mine and would like to know what they told you.



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