Saturday, September 10, 2005

FRIDAY------What is That Bright Light?????

It is the sun! It is back! Gently peeping through the clouds, giving hope and joy to all who see it! Wow, can you tell that we had a lot of gray days? At least a lot for here!

It is about time---we have seen an end to the rain, for now anyway. The chance of rain in the weather forecasts is now much lower than it has been the past several days. A very nice change! I hope things will dry out a little bit now. Last week I had noticed some strange and funky little flying bugs outside in the back yard, and the other day noticed them in the front. They are no fun. Nasty little things, very light colored, almost white. They swarm around all over the place, and were even all along the side of my car when Anne and I went out to go for her scan on Thursday. As soon as I opened the car door, a bunch of them flew into the car. Yuck! They looked sort of like strange mosquitoes to me, and it turns out I was sort of right.

Mark, our bug guy, came today to do the "every other month" bug spraying. I asked him about the bugs and he said they are called "blind mosquitoes". I guess they don't bite, but they are a real nuisance. He says they are common here this time of the year, while we are in the worst of the rainy season. I don't remember seeing any last year, and we are getting closer to the time we moved in last summer. Oh well. I am sure that all this rain we have been having hasn't helped either!

Not too much else going on. We are very happy that Ophelia is headed out into the ocean, and hope that she goes on out to the east, instead of heading back inland in the Carolinas. We sure don't wish hurricanes on anyone.

All the gas scare seems to be over. I haven't noticed any stations closed or with the little bags on the pump nozzles in a while now, and gas prices have started to go down. Some have kept their prices high, but more and more are lowering theirs. Always nice to see that happening!


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