Thursday, September 08, 2005

It's Raining, It's Pouring......

That about says it all! Well, it isn't really that bad, but it is bad enough! I checked the rain gauge earlier this evening, and it had a bit over 2 inches of water in it. I have dumped it, and we will see what accumulates overnight. We had rain off and on all day. It stayed gray all day--I don't think we saw the sun at all. It was gray enough that I even drove some of the time without my sunglasses. Those that have driven with me enough know how rare that is! Mike says he is amazed at how much worse the weather is at the base than it is here. Since the base is so much closer to Ophelia, I guess that isn't too surprising. She can move on any time now!!!!

Anne had her bone density test today. It was an okay test, didn't require any really weird contortions or anything! I am stealing the brain blogs thunder--sorry! We grabbed a bite to eat and made some stops before heading home. We were fairly soggy by then, got home a little after 3 and were happy to be inside and away from the rain. Anne headed for a nap and I got to work on some laundry.

I am managing to accomplish bits and pieces of work and organizing. The ultimate end result will be more and more organization, and a great level of preparedness! It will be a long process, but I will manage it, I am sure! I am getting a start on intensive record keeping, installed on the laptop---also known as Baby Dell----and it is a good feeling to be making any progress on it at all!

Meanwhile too.... Hurricane Katrina. I did just want to say a few things. I am sure there may have been some unnecessary delays and mismanagement--FEMA doesn't have a spotless record, as shown by the millions of dollars they paid out to residents of MIAMI, FLORIDA last summer, for hurricane damage, when our hurricanes didn't go anywhere near there. However, I think it is important that people also remember that sometimes it takes a while before help can safely arrive. There is never any advantage to putting rescuers in any more danger than necessary. That is something that was always stressed in Boy Scout first aid classes/training.

I receive a good number of newsletters by email from quilt shops around the country. There has been an overwhelming outpouring from quilt shop owners--information on how people can help, matching donations being made by the group that runs the International Quilt Show in Houston, quilt shop owners donating a percentage of the money from sales to the relief effort--and in some cases ALL of the sales going to relief, information, and requests for quilts and bed linens for the displaced hurricane survivors, etc. The quilting world is quick to rally in response to those needing help and comfort. It is really heartwarming.

Another thing that I found very heartwarming, is a bit of news Anne came in to tell me. She heard on the news that MEXICO has kindly sent assistance to the hurricane victims. They sent what they could, with open arms and kind hearts. I know they don't have a lot to spare, and it makes it even more generous and kind of them to send what they have.

Did I mention the other day that Anne crocheted a simple edging on her blanket that I knit for her? It looks great, and I will have to take photos and put them on the blog for you all to see.

Take care, be safe, plan ahead, be prepared, and more later!


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