Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Hi All----I noticed today that we have little mushrooms or toadstools in our yard. I don't know much about those kinds of critters, so not sure which they are. We have a little bit of dollar weed started up too----it is brought on by excess water. Sure no need to water the grass these days.

The tropical depression, which will be named Ophelia if it becomes a tropical storm, is moving along the coast. Unless there is a huge change, it looks like it will continue up the coast of Florida, and perhaps make landfall and move to the west near Jacksonville and/or the Florida/Georgia border. We don't mind that we aren't getting much but rain and a little bit of wind out of it!

As promised, here are some photos of Anne and her blanket. She just put the crocheted edging on tonight--finishing just a few minutes ago. It looks really nice--one row of single crochet, and that finishes it off nicely. The dark yarn provides a nice contrast. You won't see it in the photos, they were taken the other day.

Mike cleaned out the gutters in the front of the house during the long weekend. After he finished, he said if he had known how much work it was going to be, he wouldn't have done it! I guess we will be glad he didn't realize, eh? He got me to come out and hand the hose up to him and turn the water on----an experiment. We have had a drip that sometimes, but not always, comes with the rain, and has refused to show itself. What I should say is that it only happens when it rains, but sometimes it rains and the drip doesn't come. Anyway, there is a low place in the metal on the top of the chimney and Mike did the experiment to see if that might be causing the drip--bingo! Mike says it looks like a strip of something is missing too, we are wondering if something little got blown off with one of the hurricanes last year. I will be checking with our bug guy for a recommendation of someone who can fix the chimney cap. That should take care of our drip---which will be really nice!

While outside, I made a round of the yard and house to look at all the plants. It is funny, some of the hibiscus have no blooms at all, or very few, and some have more than I have ever seen on them before. The ones in heavy bloom look great, as you might imagine! The bougainvillea is not in bloom, I think it is trimmed back often enough that it rather keeps it from blooming a lot? They are in places where we can't really just let them go wild and climb/vine all over. I guess sometimes sacrifices are called for? The frangipani still has blooms in the spot that was in bloom when Mike took photos a while back, and there are more in some other places too. The wind has taken a toll on some of them, I saw plenty of petals on the grass, but there were still flowers on the tree and buds too, so it looks like there are more to come again, if they don't get blown off by the tropical depression's winds. The grapefruit are getting bigger and bigger and a number of them are turning yellow. The tree is leaning even more. I am afraid the weight of the fruit isn't doing it any good. I guess we might have to get in a tree expert to do something with it. The jasmine is doing quite well, growing along the lattice. It is still pretty sparse, with just a few vines climbing up the lattice and down the back, but as they fill in, it will really look nice. I am sure it will be gorgeous when it is in bloom again. The magnolia doesn't have any blooms, but I did notice some red berries at the end of one branch the other day. Not sure what that is all about, but looked nice!

I have been doing a bit more reading since I finished Anne's blanket. It will soon be time to get back to my crafty type things. I have been meaning to start a blog geared towards that kind of thing--my knitting, quilting, etc. I just haven't had enough leisure to get to it yet. Perhaps we will soon have a big enough lull in the appointments that we will be able to have days at home to catch up on things a bit more. I did get 3 boxes unpacked over the long weekend, and have filled up more of the bookcases in the dining room. They are really almost full now. I want to get the desk better sorted, as I have one or two boxes of things from the desk that are still in the sun room, waiting to be unpacked. Especially after seeing the mess in the Gulf Coast areas, I really want to be much more organized ---a "just in case" type thing, and I have some good thoughts on it all, that I want to impliment as time allows. As you will see, I continue to have more than enough to keep me busy!


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