Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Hodge Podge

What a busy day. I don't quite know if I am coming or going, and the day isn't done yet, there are still things to do.

Brian called today, he hit it lucky, right between phone calls that I was making. We had a nice chat. He wanted to make sure we were okay, of course. Little Miss Mitchie was cooing in the background, then crying later, I guess she wanted her daddy. Brian reports that she can roll over now---it takes her a little while to do it, but she can go from back to tummy. He also says that while lying on her tummy, she can hold her head right up, quite easily. It sounds like she is growing up fast.

I took Mike to work this morning--under the circumstances, I didn't feel we could risk not having a car available. I realized right as we went out to the car that I didn't have my ID card. Fortunately, Mike asked just the right question, and I remembered it was in my car. I called the towing place, and they wouldn't be open till 8 a.m. I got Mike to work and came home to get directions on yahoo maps. I was on the road headed to the towing place, when I got a call from them---my car was loaded and ready to go to the repair place. So, I said that was fine, and I stopped first chance and parked, called the repair place to find out exactly where they were. They are on Rt. 1, but it is a long road and it is of great help to have more direction than just the route!

Well, I had a long interuption, as Mike called me to come get him. It is now after midnight and I am finally getting this finished up. I am not sure how it will list on the blog date, etc--will it be listed as Tuesday, or Wednesday?? But, back to the occurrances of the day!

I got to the auto shop and spotted my car right off. I was able to give them the little bit of information they needed, and got my ID card, which was right where I had left it. I also got some other things out of my car, things that we might want before this is all resolved. I was home not too long after 9 a.m., and spent hours on the phone. Dr. Lozito's office had called to change Anne's appt later this month, and I called to let them know that was okay. Then called the insurance rep taking care of our case. That took ages, with taking my statement, etc. They had already contacted Enterprise rent a car about a rental for us, so I then called them and got that all sorted out. I got information on what was available when and where, as they actually have 3 offices in the area. Then I called Mike to see what arrangement might suit him best, as he was going to be out of the office and unavailable all afternoon. I got off the phone with him and was about to call Enterprise again when Brian called. We had a good chat, then I called Enterprise and finalized things with that. We would stop after getting Mike after work, at one of the other offices, which is closer to us than the one USAA had listed. Then the gal from that office called to confirm. So many phone calls!

After Anne got up, we had yet another phone call, from a nurse from the Aetna insurance section. She had called the other day, and Anne was still sleeping, we had tried to call back before leaving to run errands and got her voice mail, and had planned to call when we got home, but had the auto accident, so that didn't happen. She was really nice, had just been calling to check on how Anne was doing, if she needed assistance with anything, etc. She made some suggestions, and will be available if we need her in any way, for information, advice, or as a go between. Really all very nice.

Got Mike after his "out of the office" stuff, without any problems, and stopped at the car rental place. No problems there either, thank goodness! I have a little car to drive around, a Dodge ????--I don't remember what kind, now. Oh well, I will check later and can let you all know! Just a little car. Got home and Geico called---that is the kid's insurance. So, all the questions, taping of the interview, etc. Rather tedious, and I was awfully tired, but it is nice that it is all out of the way. I am just really glad that it takes about 2-3 sentences to tell about the accident!

Oh, I almost forgot! When the rental car gal was going over the rental car documenting scratches, etc, I got a call from the auto shop. They can repair my car--they will call USAA in the morning and see if their specifications, etc, will make it possible to go ahead and repair it instead of totalling it. If so, he says it will be 2-3 days to get parts, and about a week and a half to repair it. Wow. Still, I would be happy to have my car back. We really would rather replace the Malibu first, since it has been more troublesome, and the Honda has been so good and dependable--I am sure it still has a number of miles/years in it. So, if USAA will go ahead with repairing it, that would really work out well.

A very busy day, too many phone calls, and I hope for a much quieter day tomorrow!!!!!


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