Saturday, October 01, 2005

Slacking Off

Well, not really, but I have been slack about keeping up with this. So, here I am!

I finished a really good book last night. It is Swimming to Antarctica, by Lynne Cox. She is the swimmer and author, and she writes a pretty exciting book! I had seen the book listed in Books and Company's "Up All Night Reader", which can be found at some other books stores in a different format, as "Book Pages". It sounded like an interesting book, and I had put it on my Amazon wish list. I got it for Christmas last year, and have been doing so little reading (relatively!!!) that I just got to it! I was glad I found it, I had put it in one of the new bookcases in the living room! Anyway, the book was really good, and the story is amazing. It is amazing to hear of her adventures, and the adversities she was able to overcome. She has unbelievable physical abilities---I sure haven't heard of anyone else who can swim in 32 degree water, for the time it took to swim more than a mile!!!!! She is truly awesome and I heartily recommend the book!!!!!

I don't think I had ever mentioned that I saw the podiatrist off base that I was referred to? It seems that I do have tendonitis in this tendon that runs along that bone that I refer to as the inside ankle bone, and also along the little bone on towards the back of the inside of the arch of the foot. Also, a little bit of plantar fasciitis. I guess that explains it all???? He gave me a prescription for new custom fit orthotics, which I can get through the orthopedics clinic at the base at a reduced price, and referred me to physical therapy. I am sure he would have given me a prescription for some kind of NSAID too, as we talked about it, but I get tinnitis from them, so that won't work. It was good to get confirmation of just what the problem is, in any case! I have been to orthopedics and the tech took the impressions for my orthotics. It will take about 2 weeks or so to get them in. I sure hope they help! The tech said the place they send them out to does a great job.

Anne continues to muddle through. Her whole life has been turned upside down, in many ways, and I know it is hard on her. She has ideas and plans of what she would like to do in the future, but everything is on hold. She has to get through her surgery, see what she is left with after recovery and healing, and see what her limitations will be. Any thoughts of the Foreign Service are pretty well demolished now, as even with a complete recovery, she would not be physically fit for postings anywhere in the world, and that is a requirement. Just as well that her thoughts have mostly moved into other areas.

We were very relieved to hear that the Walters in Texas got their power back on Thursday. It sure is no fun, especially when the temperatures are in the high 90's and worse, and it doesn't cool down enough at night to cool things off.

Mike's sister Jo and her husband Eric move into their new house! Today, I think???? I am sure they are very excited about it! They have lived on a boat for 8 years, and enjoyed that greatly. I know they were able to sail to some lovely spots all along the east coast, etc, and will have wonderful memories of it all. I think they were quite ready to move ashore and Jo will be thrilled to be so close to daughter Becky and her family. And it isn't too far a jaunt to travel to East Texas to see son Russ and his family, Mom and Dad Walters, etc. Best wishes to them!!!!


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