Wednesday, October 05, 2005

And The Beat Goes On...........

We had so much rain yesterday and last night, that when Anne and I got home today and I finally checked, I found 2.5 inches of rain in the rain gauge. It has all been dumped out, onto a bush, so it can do some good (!!) and is ready for our next rainy day! As I suspected, our wind and rain were a result of Tropical Storm Tammy (Tammi??), off along the coast and headed AWAY from Florida. Always a good thing, although we always hope that they are going off into the ocean to pass away quietly, and are not headed on up the coast to menace others. The wind blew something fierce last evening, and during the night, too. I will have to remember to go out and check for dropped grapefruit. The Postons warned us that windfalls have to be recovered, as they will sour the fruit on the tree if left to rot on the ground. I don't know if that is really the case, but would hate to find out through experience that it is! Besides not wanting a lot of rotting fruit at the bottom of the tree!!!

Anne and I continue to try to muddle through our days, seeming to accomplish very little and it sure seems to take an especially long time to get that very little bit done. All I can guess is that it is all a result of the tumor and our reactions to it. We will be so thankful on so many levels once we are done with it all. Please do keep hoping and praying that Anne's thyroid levels are good when she sees Dr. Dhruv next Tuesday!

Meanwhile, Anne and Mike are sick. We must have been exposed to something, possibly while out for dinner one weekend? Mike and Anne both got sick the same weekend. I am fine, thank goodness. Just as well, I can't afford to get sick. Not that Anne can either, but she can more easily get away with not doing anything but recovering. She nearly coughed up a lung yesterday, so I called and got her an appt with the nurse practitioner at her GP's. Was able to get an appt for this afternoon. She gave Anne a prescription for antibiotics, to nip in the bud any attempts to have it go to bronchitis. I don't think the meds are sitting too well on Anne's tummy, but only 5 days of them, once a day, so it won't be too long to get through, in any case. Mike came home from work early today----he wasn't feeling well, and I got the impression from what he said that his co-workers really didn't want to catch what he has. I can't say I blame them! I just hope I can continue to fight it off----I daily thank my folks for my good immune system!

I have an appt with PT tomorrow, off base. It will be interesting to see what they are like, it is a place I have not been to before. I have been so distracted lately, I haven't noticed my ankle and foot much lately, but then I am not sure I would notice anything smaller than a two by four.

Well, I guess that is it for this evening, and I will let you know how PT went, etc, next time. We are so anxiously counting the days till next Tuesday.


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