Monday, October 10, 2005


Well, I had my first "working" session at physical therapy this morning. The therapist is really good and I am sure I am going to get a lot of good out of this. He started me off with the exercises he gave me last time---stretches, actually----and gave me a new one, which should be really good too. Then, I was on an exercise bike for 10 minutes. That worked out well, as it was one of the recumbent ones, rather than the kind that kills my tail bone. So, that was good. Then, he took me to a table so he could massage my foot. Sounds good, right???????

Well, let me tell you! Parts of it did feel good, but part of the purpose is to stimulate the painful areas, so that blood flow is increased to those areas, and they can be healed. All I can say is, I am so very glad that my foot/ankle hasn't been hurting as much as it was before. I do think it has slowly been healing a good bit on its own. I now very much know that there are still a lot of really sore, painful places in my foot. A lot of sore, painful places that I had no idea were there. All I can say is, I am glad this is all just theraputic, as I can see that with a few modifications (such as more force, etc), there is great potential for using this as a means of torture. I was truly amazed at how tender the foot can be. Fortunately, that went on long enough and not too long! Then I had some of the electrical stimulation treatment and had my foot wrapped in a really really cold icy thing. I think that was on for about 15 minutes? Fortunately he was right when he told me my foot would go numb in a bit and I wouldn't notice the cold as much!!!!!

My foot actually did feel more "energized" when I left, and I really think this is all going to help a lot! It is a bit sore now, but he mentioned that it quite likely would be. I will continue my exercises/stretches as required---twice a day----and I go back on Wednesday. Hopefully, the massage will get more and more comfortable, less and less painful, as my foot/ankle continue to heal!

Tomorrow is the big day, Anne sees Dr. Dhruv, the endocrinologist, and we will find out how her thyroid levels are. Please send out the good thoughts and wishes, and we will all hope that the levels are good, and they can get her surgery scheduled! Thanks in advance!!!!!


At 1:39 AM, Blogger vicki said...

sally, i know physical therapy can feel like torture, am hoping that soon you as well as anne feel much better. have you tried using a rice pack with your foot, you can use it with either heat or cold, just sew a piece of flannel on 2 sides after you folded it in the middle, then put about 2 1/2 maybe 3 cups of long grain rice in the pouch, then sew the top together, and either freeze or heat. i use mine all the time and i heat mine, 2 mintues on high then warm feels good. also put in the freezer for a cold pac. good luck sally and anne tooo


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