Sunday, October 09, 2005

Some News of Michelle!

I talked to Brian and Christine on the phone yesterday---they called! What a nice surprise!!!!! It seems that our little angel has become a major chow hound, wanting to eat rather often. As you will understand, this makes life difficult for Mom Christine, who is still nursing. Christine has wisely been gathering opinions and will make a decision as to what to do about the situation. It seems the base clinics have been of little help, as they seem to think that a baby nursing every 1-1.5 hours is "normal." Well, it may not be abnormal, but it can be remedied and isn't exactly helpful for mom! I was able to tell her that Brian did the same thing--except that he was on a bottle, and Dr. Lindsey wisely had me put him on cereal. I have thought about it all, and I am sure Brian probably wasn't more than about 2 months old at the time. At least Michelle waited till she was closer to the standard "start cereal" age. I figure she is getting ready for a big growth spurt. Christine says she hasn't grown much the past month and more, which I think makes it even more likely she is getting ready for a spurt.

It sounds like Michelle is getting quite adept at turning, rolling, etc. All those little "baby gymnastics" bits that babies go through! Christine says she moves quite a bit in her crib also. She will put Michelle down at one end of the crib, and finds her at the other end. Quite a little squirmer we have there! I figure she will be crawling before we know it!

Brian and Christine both sounded really good, and it sounds like all is going well for them. Christine does wish Michelle would nap, it seems she may sometimes condescend to nap for less than an hour now and then. However, they really do have it made, as Michelle sleeps through the night and even will sleep for 10-11 hours sometimes. How lucky are they???? It sure makes it a bit easier to deal with a baby that doesn't want to nap!!!

I go for physical therapy tomorrow morning. Mike and Anne will be able to stay at home and relax--since it is a holiday, neither of them have any appointments, work, etc. I feel very confident that this therapist will get my foot problems all sorted out, he seems to know his stuff!

I am getting some laundry done today, which is something that was sorely needed, as Mike was almost out of clean shirts for work, and Anne was pretty well out of clean shirts of any sort, except dress shirts. I got Mike's shirts finished up already and have gotten a good start on Anne's things. I hope to finish the pants of Michelle's Halloween costume today, I have just a bit left to go on them. All the knitting is done, it is just the finishing bits. It should be really cute when all finished! Anne and I are looking forward to seeing photos of Michelle in it!


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