Friday, October 14, 2005

Webbed Feet?

I am wondering if that will be the new look around here? It is still raining! Not hard, thank goodness, but still, raining. This is to be the last day of it for a while and we are glad of that! On Wednesday I dumped 1.75 inches of water out of the rain gauge. On Thursday I dumped out 2.75 inches. I don't think we will get that much today, but I forgot to look at the gauge when coming back from physical therapy a bit ago, and it rained last night. It rained pretty hard, so that will have added to the mix. The lawn is definitely squishy, from all the rain. We do almost every day get either a bit of clearing, or the clouds are not solid---something to let us see some blue sky and so it isn't as bad as it could be! Still, it will be nice to have some rain-free days!

I had my third "working" visit to pt today, and it is going well. My ankle and foot are doing much better and I can tell that the therapy is helping. The massage session is still quite painful, so I know there is still a lot going on in my foot. It is very encouraging though that the pain I was having is clearing up! Today he did an ultrasound treatment on it too, then the electrical stimulation, and ice. I ended up changing next week's Wednesday appt to Thursday, because of Anne's test that has to be redone on Wednesday. I tried for something in the afternoon, but that wasn't going to work. They don't mind doing back to back appts once in a while, so that will be okay.

Not much else going on. The list of possible assignments Brian is eligible for came out this week, and sadly, Florida is not on the list. There is a base in Texas on the list though, so that isn't too bad. He has to submit his preferences later this month, and he should get word sometime next month as to where he is going. We hope that he gets the assignment he wants!

Well, I had best move on to other things. Have a great weekend!


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