Monday, October 24, 2005

Wind and Rain

That is what we hear and see outside, lots of rain and wind, or wind and rain, whichever order you prefer! I think we have probably had enough of both. The news this morning said we have had 10 inches of rain in Melbourne, and I think that is more than enough for anyone????? And it is still raining! When I last looked at the news, they said that Wilma was almost all the way off Florida and onto the Atlantic. It still just takes a while for all the wide area of wind and rain to finish moving on too. From the weather maps, it looked like the center of the hurricane hit at Palm Beach. A good bit to the south of us. It seems, from the maps, that we are taking the brunt of the rain.

My pt was cancelled this morning. I figured it would be, but had put the card with the phone number by my bed, and called this morning to check. Not that I would have gone, as I could hear it blowing and raining up a storm (ha). I got the voice mail though, with the message that they were closed because of the hurricane! Smart people! Smarter than the newscasters who stand outside on the beach in this and let the sand blast them, so they can have live outside shots. How stupid is that?

We are all fine, still have power--thank goodness for underground utility lines. Some parts aren't as lucky and there are tons of people with no power. Well, I am going to go, and will plan to blog again later once things settle down and we can get out and see what things look like. Hurrah for hurricane shutters, I think we are all pretty calm for this one!


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