Monday, October 17, 2005

A Busy Day, is Like a Melody?????

Well, I don't think so! This is me on not enough sleep! Sorry about that. I was up at 7 this morning (Monday) to be at physical therapy at 8. I know that isn't all that early, but since I seem to have difficulty getting to bed at a decent hour, it is early for me! Oh well.

PT went well. Steve the therapist was going to increase the tension on the exercise bike again, but kindly put it back to Friday's level, when I mentioned that the previous level had been pretty tough, which it had been. I am glad I said something, as it was still pretty tough today, although a tiny bit easier than on Friday. I really did feel it in my left leg, which is attached to the left foot, which is the problem foot. Then it was off to something new, the leg press. I have 3 different exercises/stretches to do on that. I then got through most of my usual exercises/stretches. The pain in my foot is slowly subsiding, and the massage was not quite as painful as in the past. I have noticed that the pain at the top of my foot has lessened quite a bit, so that is a big help too. I had both ultrasound and the electric stuff again today. My foot is definitely improving, and I very rarely now have that pain on standing up any more. Such a nice change!

I came home and got laundry started, did some sorting in the living room, did a little bit of inventorying, sorted and tossed junk mail, paid bills, etc, this morning. Anne and I went to the base this afternoon. We took a spin through the BX, and Anne had a chat with one of the gals she knew from her working days. She also had a chance for a quick chat with a new girl, that we met last time we were there. She is really nice, I think she and Anne will get along well. She is hoping Anne comes back soon. Then we did a quick run through the commissary, and got more juice, etc. Anne's friend Eunice was working today, and they had a good chat. Eunice is such a sweetheart, it is always a good day when we run into her.

We made it home in plenty of time to get things put away and were ready for the stucco guy. When the fireplace guys fixed the chimney they noticed and made note of some water behind the stucco on the chimney. I was able to get a recommendation for a stucco guy, and he came today to take a look at it. I am really glad I pursued it---I hadn't gone out and looked before, but the stucco is buckling out in a small section on the chimney, and it sure wasn't going to get better on its own! We can't see the other sides from the yard, so hard to say what they look like. He will check it all out and fix any and all that needs attention. The stucco guy is going to come on Friday and repair it. It sounds like he really knows his stuff, so that is good. I am slowly getting all these little things taken care of. Sure best to try to get them done while they are smaller jobs.

Well, I can sleep in a little tomorrow, so I imagine they will call first thing in the morning from Dr. Paine's with the surgery date. Not that I will mind! It will be good to know and get our plans all settled. In the afternoon I will take Anne to see Dr. Venero. She is still having a lot of pain and reduced mobility in her right wrist and it really needs to be checked. On Wednesday I have to take Anne for the second try at this test at Dr. Dhruv's. On Thursday I have pt at 8.30. I don't have therapy till 11 on Friday, but the stucco guy asked if 7.30 was too early to stop by to work on the chimney and I said no, that was fine. I will eventually be able to get to bed earlier and then it won't be a chore getting up early, right?????

We are wondering what Wilma is going to do. It looks like we could get rain, at the very least, as a result of her meanderings through the gulf, etc. I guess it wouldn't hurt to call and ask the stucco guy about that. Whether it might be better to put it off till that all passes through? I guess I should know more about stucco and the ins and outs of it????? I guess we will see.

I got the pattern sorted out for the last part of Michelle's Halloween costume and will get that done up this week, so I can get it washed up and mailed to Brian's. She will be so cute!!!!!


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