Saturday, October 22, 2005

Enough is Enough!!!

What a day! I got through to Dr. Paine's office, and as I suspected, the delay in a surgery date is a result of trying to get it coordinated with Dr. O'Hare's office. It should be all sorted out early next week.

It looks like Anne's wrist is not broken. We will get all the info on Tuesday at her appt.

I had another car crash. Just a very minor one, I am fine, Anne is mostly fine, but suffering from whip lash. She has a good headache going too. I got rear-ended, when a dog ran out in the street I was traveling on (two lanes, one way road). The dog had cleared my lane and it should have been clear sailing, but the nut in the car next to me honked his/her horn at the dog---if they had just waited and slowed down a little more, the dog would have been across the street and out of the way. Instead, the dog got scared, turned and came back into my lane, and moved himself even closer to me in the turning. I made a mighty effort to stop and not hit the dog, going off the road a bit to avoid the dog. Don't ask me how, I did actually miss the dog. I sure didn't think I was going to. However, the car behind me didn't miss me. I really must have gotten further to the right than I realized, as the other car just got my bumper on the driver's side--probably less than 2 feet of it. It is mostly a case of paint scraped off and red paint from the other car left on---I can't really tell if it is cracked or not. I think we really got off lucky. The other driver didn't get off so lucky--the one who hit me. Turns out it was a woman, although we weren't sure at the time. She got scared and left the scene--but later did come back. (she didn't have much damage--mostly broke out her right headlight) I had called for the police, and at the very least, she was going to be ticketed for hit and run, they said. What I would like to do is smack the nut who honked his/her horn at that dog! And while I am at it, smack the owner who let the dog out to run free! Oh well, we are fine, or will be, the car will be fine, etc. It does make me wonder if my car is jinxed or cursed or just what the story is. There really wasn't anything else I could have done---even if I had been willing to hit the dog, with the way things have been going, I imagine it would still have wrecked my car. I figure with my luck, the dog would have been thrown up on the car and would have smashed my windshield. I am just as glad not to have found out what would have happened if I had not managed to miss the dog!!

Anne says that it would be an insult to the local birds to call the dog bird-brained for going out into traffic!!!! She has noticed that the sand hill cranes tend to stop and look both ways before crossing the street in our area! And they really do!!!!! How smart is that?


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