Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Good News or Bad News?

What a day. Yesterday it only got up to 65, despite the forecast for low 70's. Oh well. I thought it felt nice, so my blood still hasn't thinned out much! I went to PT in short sleeves and no sweater. I didn't put one on till we were at Dr. Venero's office for Anne's appt.

Speaking of that, the xrays came out fine. He is concerned that her wrist is no better, and is sending her to see a hand doctor. By the time we were checking out, it was too late for them to call and set that up, so they were to call today. That didn't happen, but there were also 3 messages on the machine, so they might not have gotten through if their timing was bad. I will call tomorrow and check, and let them know about Anne's surgery date.

I don't think it got much warmer today. At 5.52 p.m., it is 66 degrees in Melbourne. I thought it was nice again. I did wear short sleeves and a thin cardigan part of the time, but most of the time the short sleeves were fine. It has been nice and sunny, and that makes a difference too. Have still needed the AC in the car.

I called the gal at USAA who is handling this last accident. I did that before going to PT this morning---I got up earlier than I needed to and actually had time to do it!!!!! I told her that I could go and get a copy of the accident report from the police. Because of the way things happened, I have no info at all on the woman who hit me. Kim at USAA said they could request the report, but it usually seems to take them 5-6 weeks to get it (I don't know if that is a typical average time or what??). In the interest of getting things moving, I will go get it. We had thought we might do that today, but decided that I will do it tomorrow morning while Anne continues to sleep, and then we will be all set to do the things we need to do together. After talking to Kim at USAA, I called the Cocoa Beach police station. They are very nice there, gave me all the info I needed, and I know just what to do, how to get there, etc. I am especially glad that we will be on the road to getting this all sorted, since Anne's surgery is coming up so quickly. Kim was also going to put a call in to Certified Auto Body to do an estimate on repairing my car. She obviously did get that done, as one of the messages on the machine was from them. I will call tomorrow to set that up--going for the estimate.

My car is filthy and really needs a bath. As I told Anne, I wondered if the hurricane scared the c**p out of the birds, as I seem to have an inordinant amount of bird c**p on the back half of my car. I guess I will find a car wash sometime soon, in my spare time!!!!!

No word from the stucco guy yet, so I will probably try to call him tomorrow too. And then the roofing guys he recommended, once I know when he is coming. Depending on extent of the stucco problem, he might have to remove shingles, hence the need for roofing guys. Bit by bit, things will get done.

The baby costume was mailed "fast overseas military" to Germany yesterday. Michelle will be so cute, and Brian has promised photos! I talked to him briefly on IM today. They are doing well. Michelle is eating baby cereal, with a spoon. None of this "baby" thin cereal in a bottle stuff for her!

I am sure there are a ton of other things I need to talk about, but they escape me at the moment. I need to get my knitting and quilting projects--for occupying me while at the hospital---ready and put together to take, and books for me to read, for me to read out loud to Anne, etc. Best to be ready and prepared. I am sure I will have a lot of time for all this kind of thing, when I can actually focus on it. I have some machine sewing to do on the quilting projects, then will have plenty of hand work to do on them at the hospital. That is what I have to gear myself up for, getting the machine stuff done so they will be ready. Not that I mind the machine sewing, but I haven't used the sewing machine yet since we have been here, and it is just a case of getting myself to do it, finding thread, getting bobbins ready, etc. There is still plenty of time, but maybe if I tell myself there isn't, I will get at it quicker? Heaven knows, there will be more than enough other things to get done too, in the few days left before her surgery.

Well, enough rattling on. Take care and my best to you all.


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