Monday, October 31, 2005

Whoooo, Halloween!

It is the spooky day, but it was mostly uneventful. So far, anyway. I imagine we will have kids trick or treating tonight. We have a supply of goodies for them.

I had physical therapy this morning. Early, because I forgot about physical therapy when Dr. Dhruv's office called last week to see if we could come earlier today, so then had to change my pt appt to even earlier. Yikes! So, 8.30 saw me on an exercise bike. Most people at the therapy office didn't dress for Halloween, but one therapist wore a kangaroo costume that his mother-in-law had made. Looked great!

Anne and I easily made it to Dr. Dhruv's for Anne's appt. I will talk about that in the Brain Blog.

We ran some errands after that. I had gotten a call in to Dr. O'Hare's office about the antibiotics this morning, before leaving for Anne's appt. Dr. O'Hare is out today, of course, so they were going to check on it and someone would call back. I did get a call, and they called in a prescription to the pharmacy. We picked the new meds up before coming home!

We got home and Anne headed to bed for a nap. We are both pretty tired. I had a call from Christine right after getting on the computer!!!! They got the package with the costume. It arrived on Saturday but it was very foggy on Saturday and they wisely stayed safely at home. Christine got the package today before taking Michelle for her baby appt---time for shots. Our poor baby! As can be expected, she didn't like that at all!!! Everyone loved the costume, and we look forward to seeing photos of our baby in it! Brian and Christine will wait till another day, when Michelle is happier, before taking the photos! As can be expected, she wasn't a happy little girl after getting her shots. She has been pretty fussy and unhappy all day.

On the growth front, Christine reports that Michelle is up to 12 pounds, 12 ounces and is 23 and 3/4 inches tall!!!! Our baby is growing! I am sure she is cute as can be, and we will be so glad to have Michelle and her mommy and daddy back in the States, and easier to see!

I guess that is it for now, and I will go update the brain blog now. Take care and have a safe and spooky Halloween!


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