Thursday, October 27, 2005

Moving Along

Hi again, just a little more news. I updated the brain blog, be sure to go see it if you haven't already.

Let's see, I mentioned the car. I talked to my insurance this morning, after getting a call from the offending driver's insurance. I kind of like that expression I came up with, offending driver. Has a bit of a ring to it, and I am glad I am not that! Is that mean of me? I wasn't sure if I needed to still go and get the police report, but figured it was best go to ahead and do it. I got all my calls made, gave Anne her pill-----I don't know that I ever said, she has diabetes insipidus----------also known a water diabetes. It is not real common, so unless you know someone who had/has it, you may not have heard of it. It is usually caused by damage/trauma to the pituitary. Basically, the body dumps water, and the person affected is thirsty. Extra thirsty. She has to take this med first thing in the morning, as she isn't to eat or drink anything but water for 30-60 minutes after taking it. We have gotten into the habit, that I take it to her while she is still asleep---she has gotten used to it, her brain hears me coming, she wakes up enough to take the pill, then goes back to sleep! That way, she can sleep through the 30-60 minutes, and then when she does wake up, she can eat and drink as she desires! Works out well!!!!! Since she is on this med, she is only supposed to drink when she is thirsty, as because it keeps the kidneys from dumping water, it also means that it is much easier to get water poisoning. Not a good thing! So.......

Well, that was a long aside. I gave Anne her pill and went to Cocoa Beach Police Station, to get the police report for the accident. Then Anne and I went to Dr. Paine's this afternoon for the briefing, ran errands, took the car for the estimate, etc. Time was getting short enough that I didn't stop to fax the report to my insurance, which was just as well, as I found a message on my cell phone from the insurance, saying that she had talked to the offending driver's insurance and they faxed her a copy of it. So, I have a copy I don't need, but it was interesting to see it, so that is okay!

I have to call the stucco guy tomorrow, as I have had no word, and I hope he can come and do the stucco job before Anne goes in for her surgery or while she is still in hospital, so that the noise of people on the roof doesn't bother her too much. Will call the roofing people and painting people too, once I have a date from him.

Things are moving along, all will be good, and we look forward to the end of Malco. I am sure if he were conscious and self aware, he would be offended that he is to be replaced by a little plug of fat---how degrading!!!!! However, he will be, and all will be good.

Take care and check here for further news......same bat time, same bat station.....oops, wrong show!


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