Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Moving Along......

Well, the stucco guy did come yesterday! I thought I noticed gray areas on the chimney when I came home yesterday, but only caught a glimpse while driving down the street, towards the house, so wasn't sure. Mike took a look when he got home from work, but didn't go far enough back and so didn't see it. He didn't think the stucco man had come. I got a call today, asking how we liked the job???? Oh!!! When I got home I walked along the side of the house and looked at it, it looks like he did a really good job. One worry out of the way! He did mention that some of the roof looks the worse for wear, so just as well that I did call the roofing people he recommended. They are to come next Monday, so we will see what is what with that.

I got up early today and got some things done. I told Anne when she got up that it has been weeks since I have just gotten up in the morning and spent some time in my chair, watching TV and drinking coffee. I miss those days, but I guess I will get some of that again next week and the coming weeks, when Anne is recovering from her surgery. I got through a pile of junk mail on the table, sorted out things that need to be taken care of, paid some bills, etc---all those things that need to be done, and are best done now before I get distracted with Anne in the hospital. I made a good dent, got some of the pile of "things to be shredded" taken care of, etc! A good, productive day!

Anne and I ran some errands---had to go to the hospital for her lab work, etc. I will tell about that in the brain blog! If I don't, I won't have much of anything to write in that!

I feel like things are moving along, and I am almost well organized. I much prefer that to being disorganized. I found Anne a tin she can use for storing buttons. She has made some lovely baby sweaters (she has a number of friends who have had babies, etc), and bought buttons for them. Also buttons for some sweaters that she is planning to make. Between all those buttons, and a couple packets of buttons she bought at Michaels, she has plenty and really needed someplace to store them so they will be easy to find! The packet has tons of neat buttons, odds and ends, for crafts, etc, but a number of matches in varying numbers, so they can be used for some of her knitting projects. I think she is sorting through right now to see what she has!

Well, tomorrow will be a fun day, as much as possible. I think we are going to go see the new Zorro movie, which Anne has been wanting to see. It should provide a nice distraction! Take care and more tomorrow........


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