Wednesday, November 16, 2005


For a brief weather update: it is 10.21 a.m., and when I checked Mike's blog just a minute ago, the temp in Melbourne was 77 degrees. Not to gloat or anything. What struck me funny is I think that is the same temperature as last time I did that! Funny how those things work. I think it is cloudy out, or at least partly cloudy? I haven't been outside, and haven't really looked hard out the window. It is supposed to get up to 83 today, I think. There is a huge cold front that I guess most of you already know about, that is supposed to bring us some cooler temps later in the week. So far, they are saying lows in the 50's and highs in the 70's. I hope that doesn't change too much!

Sadly, I had a call from Becky this morning saying she definitely could not come. She is in Tampa with husband Tom and the kids, and staying with his folks while Tom is working. She had emailed yesterday to propose a day trip over to see us! Sadly, Maddie evidently met up with a bug and has not been able to fight it off. This morning she is running a fever and has a rash. We are disappointed, but as Becky says, they will be down again sometime and things might work out.

Elmer, our neighbor, knocked on the door this morning, and handed me several pieces of our mail that were delivered to him. I think we have a substitute mailman again. That is usually when this kind of thing happens---our usual gal is really good.

I think I have managed a new skill in computer-dom! I sent an attachment in an email! That may sound minor to most of you, but it is my first solo attempt and I think it actually worked! I sent the family the photo Brian sent of Michelle in her Pooh Bear costume that Anne and I made. I guess my next step is to get the photo onto our photobucket account, which I just realized I had pretty much forgotten all about, and then I can put it in the blog!

Now that we are home so much and Anne is having so much down time, resting, being at home, knitting, etc, I hope to finally get my knitting and quilting blog finished up and accessible. Speaking of which, I finished Anne's dishcloth last evening! It looks really great---the pattern! I am not bragging about my knitting, although that isn't bad either--haha.


At 10:15 PM, Blogger Joanna said...

Oh Sally - you can add a picture to a blog now without loading the photo to Photobucket or anywhere else for that matter - you know when you "create a post" up under the title there are two little icons, one is spell check and the second one is a picture. If you click on that picture it opens a window that lets you choose a photo to add to the post. All you need to know is where the picture is you want to upload to them (on your desktop or where ever you file them) - it lets you pick how you want the test to wrap and then you are all set! One step blogging!


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