Sunday, November 13, 2005


It has come to my attention that I never updated info on things like my car and its repairs, the roof, etc. I thought I had talked about that, or at least the car, but I see that I didn't on this blog. Perhaps I mentioned it on the brain blog?????

Anyway, thought I would go ahead and add a few lines here too!

I got my car back on Thursday! I had called on Wednesday from the hospital, when they were making sounds like they would let Anne go. Since we were that far south already and so much closer to the auto place, thought I would go ahead and check. It wasn't ready yet, but he thought it would be ready on Thursday morning. So, since Anne and I were at home on Thursday and not in any rush, I didn't worry about it. Mike called me to ask about it and to let me know that he needed to drop his friend Dewey off at the Harley place on the way home that afternoon. So, early afternoon I called the auto place and they said my car would be ready at 4. I let Mike know and we planned that we would meet at the auto rental place at 4, I would get that car turned in and he would drive me on down to the auto shop. It all worked out perfectly, except that Anne didn't come with me. We had planned to make a quick trip to the base, Anne and I, to pay insurance, etc, but we got just a little way down the road and she felt so sick, she got me to turn around and go back home. So, since she was feeling better later, I left her (with telephone at hand and phone numbers) and made the trips for cars, etc. Since Mike was going on home from the auto place, I got my car and made the trip to the base. I am really happy to have my car back!!!!!!

Now, as to the roof. I talked to the roofing guy on Wednesday, I guess it was. All the bits sound okay, and it sure sounds like he is definitely not trying to skin us. He said he would be up this way later in the week and would drop off the written estimate. It hasn't been here yet, and I am guessing that his plans changed. If it doesn't arrive by mid week, I will call and ask about it. I am sure we will go ahead and get him to do the work, I was pleased with the way he handled things, etc.

We had a little bit of rain this morning, although I don't know if it was enough to register in the rain gauge? Not much else going on. I did talk to Brian on the phone on Friday. He sounds really good. They are doing well. Michelle is a good baby, and has continued to be quite an eater. He said they went to Pizza Hut the other night, and Michelle kindly drank a 6 oz bottle, finished it by the time their pizza came, and dozed while they ate. What a sweet baby! Not too much else from there. They are very anxious to return to the States. I know that once they are back here, they will miss a lot of things from Germany, but I do know that it is hard to be away too long. I know they are ready to be back in the States and close enough to see family again!


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