Saturday, November 12, 2005


It seems like almost all I have done since Anne came home is read and do laundry. That is an exaggeration, but not by a whole lot! I have finished more books in the time she was in the hospital and since she got out than I had in the past couple of months(I think???????), since I had only (mostly) been reading for a little bit at night. Mostly because it didn't seem right, while there are still boxes to unpack, things to do, etc!

Today I concentrated on getting through the huge backlog of newspapers! I sorted them out, bagged (for recycling) the bits that I didn't care to bother reading (classifieds, front sections, sports!) and just held out the important bits --- the sections with the funnies, Dear Abby, the Help! column, etc, and the specialty bits. I have gotten through Friday the 4th (I started with Monday, the 31st, Halloween!). I still have a decent sized pile to get through, but I think it will go okay!

Most of my plans for things to do while sitting with Anne in the hospital didn't happen. Isn't that the way? I didn't get the quilting bits ready that I had hoped to. I probably didn't have the patience to deal with them at the hospital anyway. I did take knitting---the dishcloth that Anne had started in OH. I have that more than half done. It took a good bit of concentration, as the main body of it consisted of 4 repeating rows, two of which were alternating patterns, that especially required concentration. Once Anne was on the 7th floor and out of the ICU, I found it too hard to work on, as it was tedious trying to figure out what I was supposed to be doing, any time I had stopped to get her something, talk to a doc or nurse, etc. I did read, do crossword puzzles (some of those my folks sent from their newspaper in CA!!---thank you!), etc. Now that we are home, I hope to get some of the things done that I didn't get done before, like those little quilting projects, etc!

The kitties are glad to have us home! They really did wonder what was going on before--Mike and I would come home for the night, leave early in the morning, and just plain weren't around for petting, giving out kitty treats, etc. And that other person was totally missing. Just what was the story???? But, happily, all their people are home again, Anne is available for snuggling next to at night, and all is well in their kitty worlds! Hurrah!

I can not believe it is less than 2 weeks till Thanksgiving, and that Christmas is so close. It just can't be possible! But I guess it really is. At least the number of doc visits will be reduced, and with Anne still in recovery mode, we will be spending more time at home and less time running around--appts, errands, etc. The plus to that is that I will actually have time to try to get things done, and might actually get some more boxes unpacked, get the garage in order, and some things stored out there, etc---generally get the house in better order. I might actually be with it enough this year to decorate for the holidays! Hurrah!!!!!


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