Saturday, November 19, 2005

Mitchie the Pooh!!!!!!!

As promised long ago, here is the only photo we have so far of Michelle in her Winnie the Pooh costume! Anne crocheted the hat, which is adorable! I knit the top and pants. You can't really see it in the photo (unless perhaps clicking will make it big enough to see) but the "red shirt" actually has rolled edges, so it looks like a separate shirt. Michelle is still a sweet and slender baby, not nearly as big as she looks in the photo. However, Anne and I agreed that it was just as well that the top's knitting pattern gauge was off. It is so big, it makes her look more bulky, and thus, more Pooh-like!

Anyway, we think she is just totally adorable, and can hardly wait till they are back in the States! Anne (Tia) can hardly wait to see her little niece!!!!!!

All is fine here. Anne slowly mends, the emphasis on slowly. She slept most of the day yesterday. I think she really needed it. We have been careful and slow about things, but I still wonder if she managed to do too much this past week, and has exhausted herself.

Our warm weather is back, after a very brief cooling spell from that cold front. I am glad we didn't have the "below zero" temps they got in the Dakotas from it!!! We are nicely back in the 70's and it is really pleasant out. We had a good hard rain earlier today, but it didn't last long and the sun is back out. I guess most have an eye out for Gamma now, who looks like she/he will do a repeat of what Wilma did. Gamma is much weaker, thank goodness! We came through Wilma just fine, but we won't mind if Gamma is even less of a problem.

Those interested are welcome to check out my new "craft" blog, Quilts and Blankeys! The link is at the side bar, just above Mike's blog link!


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