Friday, December 09, 2005

Nicer Today, Cooler Tomorrow...

That is about the size of it! Yesterday was so very dark and dreary. So many people said it looked like it was going to snow--that comment was always heard inside, of course! When you know that it is about 70 degrees outside, you know there is no chance of snow at all. Thank goodness! We got just shy of 3 inches of rain in the gauge. I was mostly glad that so much of the rain fell in the morning, when Anne was sleeping.

Anne and I got some shopping done yesterday--finished up Brian and family, and got a few other things, in addition to getting her new glasses. I think I wrote about that in the Brain Blog? Despite getting home way later than usual, I got things wrapped and all the rest of the things to go to Germany boxed. Three boxes, of various sizes, and it was done! They were ready to mail!

So, today was a huge change, with continuing nice temperatures, and some blue in the sky. We did get a pounding rain while Anne and I were in Kohls shopping this afternoon, but fortunately it was down to the odd drip or drop by the time we got out. Just a very quick shower, thank goodness!

I was up early this morning, and out of the house early--off to the post office. I made amazingly good time--in just two hours, I got to the base, got the boxes mailed at the post office, did a big shop at the commissary, headed for home--stopping at CVS to get Anne's aciphex refill on the way---and home. I don't think I want to ever do a big shop again, not this big anyway. The buggy wasn't even totally full, but the weight really gets to me. I can feel the hip and the feet too, now, with that big a load, and they do not like it. I figure if it makes body parts hurt to try to get the buggy around corners, etc, it isn't doing me any good at all. This was a rare occurrence and will be rarer yet in future! On the plus side, I got a lot of the things we will want for Christmas-time eating, Christmas dinner, etc, and won't have to worry about that as the big day gets nearer.

Anne's therapy went well today. She hasn't been getting as sore and that has been wonderful for her. Steve did a quick strength check, etc, and she is really improving. He is pretty amazed by her progress! She doesn't much enjoy the work, but she has a good time with the people-- they are all nuts there and love to joke around, etc. She fits right in! She has a German "word of the day" for Steve each day, and they both enjoy that!

Now that the weekend is sort of here, I hope to get back to the sun room tomorrow. There just hasn't been time the past couple of days. I will be really glad to get that desk moved--that is something I will finally get done tomorrow. Hurrah! Then it is mostly going through the rest of the boxes looking for the elusive item for Anne, and getting things rearranged nicely so the tree can go up! So many of the houses are decorated, and we aren't quite ready yet. Oh well.....


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