Monday, November 28, 2005


Oh my goodness! Here I was on the computer, checking up on all the blogs, and Anne calls from the family room! "We are on TV!!!!!!!!!!!" I went rushing out, and they were reporting from Viera---Anne didn't hear any further specification of where in Viera. A swan was killed by an as-yet-not-officially-identified large cat. Someone evidently had a video camera handy, and so there was film of the dead swan lying on the grass (it wasn't an icky photo, just looked like a big pile of white feathers) and film of the cat, which went and sat under a nearby tree after killing the swan. The area looked very much like our area, and we have a good number of swans in our neighborhood lakes. Anne and I both thought the cat looked like a bobcat, and one guy they talked to on the TV thought so too. Needless to say, we will be checking for more information on this, and are very glad that our kitties are totally indoor critters! Sure would hate to have them munched by a big cat.

Meanwhile.... It is 78 or 79 degrees out, depending on which source you check! In either case, it is really nice out. It is partly to mostly cloudy, and there is a chance of rain later in the day. It is amazing how much nicer this tempurature feels here than it would have in OH.

I have enjoyed all the blog updates, and I really like Jo's Christmas decorations on her "Floats, Knits and Purls" blog! Anne and I plan to look for some fun things to add to blogs too! I noticed that Mike finally blogged again, hurrah! I am not sure what the gray bird at the top is, but the one lower down is an ibis, unless I didn't see it properly!

Anne goes for pt this afternoon, I am sure they will be able to do a lot for her! I will try to blog again later, or early tomorrow!


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