Monday, December 12, 2005

It's Starting to Look Like a Sun Room!

More progress has been made! I have continued my recent practice of setting my alarm and getting up early. I have so much more time to get things done, and can always have a little nap later if I want/need it! I spent a good bit of the morning working on a Christmas newsletter to go in with the Christmas cards, talked to Brian on IM again, got to watch Michelle on the baby cam, etc.

Anne woke up and felt like death warmed over. To say the least. She hadn't been feeling well yesterday, and she has chills today, is achy, etc. No fever though, thank goodness. I called and rescheduled her pt for the day, as there was just no way she could make that. I also called Dr. Dhruv's to check about the ACTH test she is to have on Tuesday. No go if she is sick, and they have rescheduled that for next week. We did wonder, since it measures the cortisol, and illness can affect those levels. I hate that she is sick, but figure that I would/will make the most of it.

I got back to work on the sun room and made some good progress. The second desk, Mike's old desk, has been freed from its imprisonment in the corner, standing on end, and now has its shorter legs reattached, and is sitting upright as it was meant to sit. It also now has things sitting on top of it, but that is part of its purpose, right? Most of the boxes still in the sun room are full of books. I have gone right around the outer wall and am rechecking a few boxes against the inner wall, which haven't been touched since I don't know when. One was full of fabric, which I was able to put into the fabric bookcase. One is full of Mike's books, and so will wait for resolution later on. I still have a couple more there to check and then the sun room will be ready for its intermediate arranging!! Hurrah! I got two loads of laundry washed too! In the interest of preserving my back, I also took "back-resting-time", and read during those down times. It is so nice/fun/relaxing to read in the daytime!

There are still things I am looking for, so if I don't find them in any of the two or three remaining unchecked boxes in the sun room, that I will be tackling tomorrow, all is not lost. I will start in on the boxes in my bedroom! Hurrah! I am thrilled to be to this point! Can you tell that I really am excited! I expect that the washing machine will see a lot of action again, as I still have things that turned up in boxes in the sun room to finish washing, and I know I will find more and more and more in the boxes in my bedroom. Hopefully, I will also find the elusive items that are resisting being found! They can not hide from me forever.

I figure that the tree will go up this weekend, at the latest. The newsletter is just about in shape, I just need to get Mike and Anne to look it over and make any changes they want. Then I can start getting Christmas cards finished and in the mail. The shopping is almost done, and the wrapping is pretty much waiting on things coming in the mail. So, progress is being made all around. I do have one bit of Christmas up! I had bought new ribbon last year for the grapevine wreath my mom did for me ages ago----after several moves the ribbon and bow were a bit ragged. I never did get around to doing it last year, but last night I got myself organized and re-did it. I had picked up some poinsettia stems at Joann's recently, and I worked them in too. Looks pretty good, and I have it up on the fireplace now.

On the weather front, it was very sunny today and chilly. More of the same predicted for tomorrow!


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