Sunday, December 11, 2005

Will Wonders Never Cease....

Well, as hoped, I got back to the sun room today! But first, I had a chance to spend some time on the computer and talked to Brian on IM. Michelle was napping, then woke up and Brian was giving her a bottle, so I didn't get to see her on the baby cam. Still, it is always good to be able to talk to Brian!

So, I finally pried myself away from the computer, and got to work on the sun room. About 3 hours later, I had made a good bit of progress. Brian's old computer desk is against the wall now, with the carpet beneath it nicely vacuumed! The sewing machine is once again in a cleared area, where a person could get at it to use it, if desired! More and more boxes have been unpacked. Keep in mind, this does not mean that everything from those boxes is nicely stored somewhere. No, that isn't part of the deal. There are piles of things all over, but there were before too. Some boxes were opened, checked for elusive items, closed back up with further comments on the top, and placed in a more useful location in the sun room. Some boxes were examined, curses were called down upon the heads of the stupid movers---how could anyone possibly pack a box of books in such a horrible way---and with so much waste of space. This kind of box called for repacking, and sometimes the addition of random bits of previously unpacked but unshelved or unplaced books, etc added in. Still, more than 10 boxes emptied. One box, the most amazing, revealed a sadly crushed photo box (photos okay, however). The wonders of this box were not limited to something so mundane, however. I had noticed, on maneuvering this box to find the number on the sticker, that it made a funny noise. A metallic noise, with over-tones of faint sloshing, which my brain immediately discounted, as how could that be??? So, I removed the mangled box of photos, checked beneath books, looking for paper wrapped items that could be elusive, and found. . . . . part of a case of beer. You might, perhaps, be able to imagine my reaction? Beer! How stupid! The things in the box were from the dining room. There was no beer in there. I was sure I gave away beer! How in the world? Mike's response, put some in the fridge! There are/were 10 cans of beer in the box. I counted. Two are now in the fridge. Go figure. I am so very very glad that none of them exploded. Especially since the books in the box were MINE! I would have hated to lose any books, but especially mine.

So, at the end of the day, or at least the afternoon, the sun room looks immensely better. The end is in sight---well, at least the immediate end, as that still won't be the end of the boxes--still too many boxes of books, etc, that will take time and more bookcases to deal with! However, I will soon be to the "immediate" end, which will mean that the tree can go up, and it will look better than ever, as there will be more room for it. I feel very confident that the elusive item will be found soon, more items that we have been wondering about will turn up, and once things calm down after the holidays, and as Anne continues to heal, I will have the time to actually get the room whipped into shape! Hurrah!

I guess next weekend, we will have to think about getting the hurricane shutters off the back and side windows. Through the shutters, I noticed today that there are some grapefruit on the ground, so I guess they really must be ripe? Or perhaps they fell off because of the wind the other day? Or both? The branches on the far side are so loaded, they are getting closer and closer to the ground. I have to start finding people to give grapefruit to.

I don't remember if I mentioned having to put the heat on? Well, I did that last week. Then it got warmer again, of course. I really did resist putting the A/C back on. I resisted as long as I could. But when it got up to 81 in the house on Saturday, I gave in. The ceiling fans are great, but they don't keep meds from getting too warm. The house does retain heat pretty well, so it is still nice and comfy in the house today, despite the cooler temps outside. There is some worry of frost in the central interior parts of the state, but we are to stay above 40 so will be fine.


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