Saturday, December 24, 2005

A Brief Respite!

Finally, after days of looking at the local temp online and seeing numbers in the 50's and 60's, I checked today and at 12.30 it is 73! What a nice change! I can't complain too much, yesterday was sunny and warmer than Thursday was. Still, as the sun gets lower in the sky the air really cools off. Thursday was cloudy and cool all day, and I wore my Disney Christmas sweatshirt in the morning, when we went for Anne's ACTH test. That was it's first time worn since in OH!

I had a great birthday yesterday! I will also blog again later, as although I took photos, I am not totally confident about getting them off the camera and into a place where I can find them and use them! I think I know how to do it all, but would rather have my mentor available to save me if needed!

So, I will just say that I came into the kitchen to find a lovely surprise! It really got the day off to a great start!

The final Christmas presents arrived in the mail and I got the last bits all wrapped, a box ready to mail to my sister Mary, some of the Christmas cards put out for the mailperson, and did some major decluttering in the family room! It looks so much bigger!

Anne had pt and that went well. Steve gave her a new thing to do, and before she finished, she did it better than he did when he demonstated what to do. He took full advantage of her self-taught ambidextrous-ness, and had her bouncing a ball off a trampoline type thing, with it standing to her side. I thought I would try to explain more fully, but I don't think I can without a long drawn out thing, and even then it might not be too clear! Lets leave it that her balance is improving greatly, with the challenges he is throwing at her!

We went out for dinner last night and had a good time! The food was good, and we had dessert---I find it is overkill to try to make a cake at this time of year! We brought home plenty of leftovers and I may not end up cooking tonight? I got some great presents this year, and have mad money to buy more things! What more could I ask for? One thing I got was a little tiny flash drive! It is amazing how tiny they are now, and how much memory they have. As Mike said, this has so very much more memory than his first disc drives had in the early computer years and cost so much less. Progress is a wonderful thing!

I talked to Brian on the phone yesterday! I also got to talk to Michelle, who tended to quiet down and stop "talking" when Brian put the phone by her. Isn't that the way? I could hear her while Brian and I were talking, so it was okay! She coos and laughs and makes all the cute baby noises! Brian says she isn't crawling yet, but does get on her hands and knees and rocks back and forth. I don't think it will be long. She does move around pretty well by scooting--Brian says she can scoot along on her front and on her back, can go along in forward and reverse, and gets around pretty well! They are looking forward to being back in the States, and we are all looking forward to them being back!


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